Yum! Waffle House manufactures its own golf shoes through a team with Adidas

Image via Adidas.

In an obvious April Fool’s Day prank that we almost fooled – *checks the calendar* – oh, isn’t that a joke? Apparently, waffle restaurant and Adidas are really teaming up to bring you a line of waffle-themed golf shoes to coincide with the 86th Masters Golf Tournament this week.

According to the Adidas website, the limited-edition Tour360 22 X Waffle House golf shoes, available in men’s and women’s sizes, will be available this Thursday, April 7, the same day the tournament kicks off.

“The real pros play with waffle irons. That’s why we’ve teamed up with @adidasgolf to create a waffle-inspired golf shoe in honor of the first major of the year,” the official Waffle House Instagram account wrote.

With the tournament taking place at Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia, it makes sense that Adidas would partner with a company based in The Peach State, notes USA today.

“With Georgia on everyone’s mind this time of year, we’ve cooked up something special with @wafflehouseofficial to bring you a 🧇-inspired #TOUR360 22 for the first major of the year,” posted the official Adidas Golf Instagram account, alongside some rather appetizing foot-age shoes slathered in syrup.

Although the sneakers come in a default color scheme that looks a lot like its namesake’s fluffy breakfast confection – in a golden beige, sand beige and creamy white combination – the shoes are also available in a variety of colors. other colors; including black, all-white, white and blue, two-tone gray, silver and navy, and metallic silver, depending on whether you get the men’s or women’s version. The original gold and beige design also sports a unique waffle texture and syrupy sole that the other colors do not have.

The shoes will cost you a bit more than you would usually spend at the breakfast chain for an average meal, costing $210 a pair for men’s sizes and $200 for women’s.

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