Xena Workwear Announces Valence SD Anti-Static Safety Footwear

Detroit, Michigan–(Newsfile Corp. – October 12, 2022) – Xena Workwear has announced the launch of the Valence SD shoe. The Valencia SD shoe is a dissipative chelsea boot with elastic side panels on both sides. This means that any static charge that may occur due to contact with metal parts is conducted safely to the ground through the liners, insole and outsole and into the ground. Employees who work in environments where gadgets and manufacturing processes can create a buildup of static electricity need antistatic footwear, such as in computer component handling facilities and chemical plants.

Manufacturing continues to be a male-dominated field, but women have continued to grow steadily and now account for 30% of manufacturing jobs. With higher levels of automation and less physical labor associated with these jobs, women have increased their presence at all levels and in all areas of manufacturing. The same is true for women in the tech industry, with the number of women in the tech workforce increasing from 8% in 1970 to 27% in 2019. Women in those sectors who needed anti-static footwear had to previously used men’s shoes in this category. Xena Workwear launches the Valence SD which offers women in these categories a stylish and functional alternative that meets their demands for safety and versatility.

The Valence SD shoes are made from two different materials and come in two colorways. A variant is made from LWG-certified leather in a chestnut color. LWG (Leather Working Group) is a certification that means that the leather used to make these shoes comes from tanneries that use sustainable processes and treat their wastewater so that it has minimal impact on the environment.

The second material used for Valence SD shoes is onyx-colored vegan leather. This vegan leather is high performance, breathable, flexible and more chemical resistant than leather. The shoes are ASTM certified, OSHA compliant and come with a metal-free upper which is mandatory for use in environments housing sensitive equipment.

Anastasia Kraft, Founder and CEO of Xena Workwear, commented: “In addition to meeting all safety standards such as SD35 and ASTM F2413-18, Valence SD shoes are incredibly versatile. They combine well with formal and casual clothes. from the office to construction sites, and even for dinner afterwards without changing boots. Valence SD shoes are particularly suitable for women working in automotive workshops because they are metal-free and we are currently looking into partnerships with companies in this sector. the launch of the Valence SD shoe marks another step in our growth as a company specializing in workwear specifically designed for women in non-traditional occupations.”

About Xena Workwear

Xena Workwear specializes in functional and stylish workwear like steel toe safety shoes. These products are specifically designed for women in non-traditional jobs like manufacturing, engineering, and construction.

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