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Here are the trendiest jewelry for women going to the office.

Women’s love for jewelry has been etched in history with golden words. But many people wonder if, in the fast-paced office culture, is it practical or even possible for women to travel or work wearing jewelry (generally assumed to be heavy and difficult to carry) where most of the jewelry is? ‘among them are looking for comfortable clothes and clothes. . The answer would be yes! There’s no need to compromise on your endless love for jewelry. Here are the top 7 jewelry trends from Parag Agrawal, co-founder and Managing Director Fiona Diamonds, style expert for office women, where comfort and style coexist.

eternity rings

Currently trending among brides, this is an all time vintage and stylish ring design. The Eternity ring is suitable for everyone, as it goes with all types of clothing, traditional, western or fusion. It can be worn on its own or can be stacked with other rings. Whether set in 18k rose gold and sterling silver, it suits all skin tones. It justifies the names it has and can be worn around offices and parties as it is not heavy or bulky to carry around like some others. It’s definitely a can’t-miss addition to any girl’s accessory collection.

Stackable rings

stacked rings workwear jewelry

Similar to our urge to experiment, stacking rings are also formed by combining a range of pieces and designs to create a serenaded and mermaid look. Stackable rings are very popular among young working women because they are lightweight, small, easy to wear and go with all types of clothing. Stackable rings are neither too fancy nor very expensive, which is why they have found a place in the ring fingers of a majority of working women.

Halo Pendant

halo pendant workwear jewelry

A Diamond Circle Halo pendant should be your go-to for adding dazzling sparkle to your wardrobe. It is an eternal choice for women who are looking for a pendant that glamorizes their look and at the same time goes with tops, dresses, spaghetti, anything. It grabs you all the attention but isn’t flashy or off-putting.

classic solitaire

As soon as the word ‘Classic Solitaire’ hits the ears, the first thought that comes to mind is that it is timeless and eternally desirable, and its infatuation has refused to die down until today. It is one of the most sought after and attractive designs of an engagement ring. It consists of a single strip that has a single Solitaire. The solitaire is oxidized in a controlled manner, which enhances its eye-catching and shiny appearance and also maintains the beauty and finishes. It is also an archetype of the enduring diamond where a lab-grown diamond or Moissanite is set in the center which adds a shimmering hue against the matte finish of the gold that surrounds it. It’s perfect for the office as it’s lightweight, easy to remove and low maintenance, while adding to your look and pairing well with all kinds of outfits.

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Classic earrings

earrings workwear jewelry

A classic stud earring always gets a nod and rarely gets a no from women. Women have a special form of attachment for earrings, but jhumkas or heavy earrings are not the first things we look for when getting ready to go to the office. Classic stud earrings are an essential in every women’s jewelry box and are a perfect accessory that you can wear for corporate meetings, presentations or work.

Mangalsutra wrist

wrist mangalsutra workwear jewelry

The Mangalsutra Wristband is the first choice of all modern women who want to wear a blend of traditionalism with modernity. It is an expression of lifelong love and union. Over time, the wrist mangalsutra (benefits of mangalsutra) became the trendiest piece of jewelry among the working female population, popularized by pop culture icons, and then became a trendy choice for commoners.

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Diamond Bracelets

Diamond bracelets, with the attractive use of white and yellow diamonds, are a deeply treasured accessory in a woman’s daily wear. Diamond bracelets are classic options for completing a chic and sophisticated office look. It measures minimalist attraction without looking overtly ostentatious. It is a first ornament to grab for your office attire. Whether it’s jeans, tight dresses or kurtis, it doesn’t fail to make an impression.

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