Women’s clothing swap shop launched in Barrow

A SUCCESSFUL business owner starts a women’s clothing swap shop to reduce demand for fast fashion.

Anna Cargan, 35, from Barrow has launched ‘My Shared Wardrobe’ after the success of her online second-hand children’s clothing store, Buildabundle.

The concept of the business means that people can bring their undamaged and clean women’s clothes, shoes and accessories to the exchange shop and they will receive exchange tokens allowing them to exchange them for the same amount of money. items.

Anna said she had the idea of ​​many women having too many items in their wardrobe that no longer fit or fit them and they were just going to lose but instead wanted to give them a new one. breath with an exchange.

She said: “This is a service that will allow us to bring in items and exchange them for something that we hope will get more out of.

“I decided to set it up because I managed to execute Buildabundle.com for several years alongside my business partner Nathalie – and customers ask us all the time if we would also consider doing women’s clothing. However, Buildabundle is very busy selling items nationally across the UK, and we do not have the capacity to add women’s clothing to the model we currently do there. But after being asked so often, I decided to see if it could work on a small local capacity as a trading system.

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Anna also hopes this new venture will help reduce the demand for fast fashion.

She said: “Fast fashion has a place to buy the weird thing. Unfortunately, the fashion industry causes an enormous amount of pollution (more than shipping and aviation combined), and with the world in a climate emergency, it’s just not something that can be supported.

“If we can make it easier for people to use what’s already been produced, hopefully more people will, and we might have our own little impact on the industry!”

Anna hopes to start collecting items in exchange for Trading Tokens from the first week of June, with the shop opening for trading expected to begin in July.

It will be based on Shore Street, Barrow, and people can contact the My shared closet Facebook page to book exchanges. Initially, the shop will only be open for appointments on Sunday afternoons, but this may increase if there is sufficient demand.

Anna said: “How well it works will be entirely dependent on how many people use it – the more support the better it will work for everyone as there will be plenty of items to choose from. We were overwhelmed positive messages so far, and we hope it will be something fun that people will enjoy.

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