Women’s ‘barefoot lifestyle’ sparks debate after running errands without shoes


A mum on TikTok has sparked incredible interest in her ‘barefoot lifestyle’ after she shared a clip running errands without wearing shoes.

The video shows TikToker Mara (@theamazingmara) heading to the hardware store with her dad. Before entering the store, she showed viewers the sign outside which read “shoes required” among a handful of other rules.

“Finally found the required shoes sign. Still haven’t worn them,” Mara wrote in the caption.

Showing off her bare feet, Mara explained: “So I’m shopping with my dad and this is the first store in forever that has a ‘shoes required’ sign and I don’t have any shoes with me today,

“I get it and I’m in a hardware store so it makes sense so I’m just being sneaky and trying to hide behind the basket.”

The clip was quickly flooded with comments from other TikTokers.

“‘I’ve read the rule and fully understand why they have a valid rule, but I’m just not going to follow it,'” one reviewer wrote, while another said, “And then she walks on broken glass or sth and sues the store.”

A third added: ‘I work at Home Depot and I can imagine how BLACK the bottoms of your feet are. Plus you risk stepping on nails and wood chips.’

Meanwhile, one user came to the mum’s defense, saying: ‘Y’all, she understands if she gets hurt she won’t blame the store, she understands the risk.’

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I finally found the shoes required sign. I still haven’t worn them #barefooting #barefootlifestyle #crunchymom #motherhood

Many others were curious as to why Mara opted against the shoes, which she talks about in a separate video.

“I’ve always loved being barefoot, and it’s something kids are starting to appreciate too,” she said. “I always leave it up to the kids to wear shoes or not if the weather allows it,

“For example, we went to the park and it was too hot for the little ones to be barefoot, but the older ones had no problem.

Mara added, “Really, it’s just personal preference. Also, being barefoot is better for your foot health.”

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