“Women are not clothes to put on and take off according to political ambition”: feminist…

October 28, 2022, 1:47 p.m. | Updated: October 28, 2022, 1:53 PM

This feminist told Nick Ferrari that she refuses to believe the “fiction” that Eddie Izzard is a fluid transgender woman.

Earlier this week Sir Keir Starmer refused to tell Nick Ferrari whether he thought comedian-turned-politician Eddie Izzard should shortlist Labor women.

The conversation between the Labor leader and Nick Ferrari followed controversy over whether it is acceptable for the free-flowing comedian to be listed as a woman.

Nick Ferrari invited feminist activist and writer Jean Hatchet on his show to discuss the issue.

“It’s a bit deceitful of Eddie to talk about not being part of it because clearly he can’t be,” she insisted.

Nick Ferrari chimed in: “It’s them or her, I think, for Eddie Izzard.”

“I don’t care, it’s him to me because he’s a man,” she replied.

“It is important to note that if Eddie comes to Parliament now as a woman, it is a place that will be filled by a man.”

Ms Hatchet said that if Eddie Izzard is shortlisted as a female MP he is “holding another woman back.

“Specifically in this case, there were at least two other women on the shortlist who would like the position.”

Picking up on his insistence on describing Eddie as a man, Nick asked him:

“Why don’t you allow [in this conversation] Eddie Izzard for being a trans woman as they identify?

She said it was because even Eddie’s approach to himself is ‘duplicit’ claiming ‘he will be a man when he wants to pursue a lucrative film role but he will be a woman for a political career”.

Eddie Izzard giving a speech

Eddie Izzard giving a “vote stays” speech in 2016.

Photo: Aliyah

She went on to chastise “that term gender fluid” saying “a transgender woman fluid, well, that’s not even choosing to be a trans woman.

“Eddie can’t quite stay on exactly who he thinks he is, so I don’t see why the rest of us should keep changing the terms for him.”

Jean Hatchet went on to say how totally supportive she was of Rosie Duffield calling the Labor MP ‘brave’.

Labour’s Rosie Duffield has publicly said she would quit if Eddie Izzard was put on the list of female MPs and even said she’d rather be ‘arrested’ than call him a woman.

Reinforcing her point, the feminist said “Eddie Izzard is a man” before Nick again chimed in, saying, “Even if they say they’re not?”

“I don’t care,” was his reply.

Nick: “Do you know better than Eddie Izzard what they think?”

Mrs. Hatchet: “No, I just don’t believe that fiction.”

She went on to slam Eddie Izzard for using a women’s public toilet calling it a ‘border crossing’.

Commenting on the comedian who previously identified as a transvestite and now gender fluid, she said: “Women are not clothes to put on and take off according to mood or political ambition.

“When women take off the hijab in Iran they are beaten to death by men because they are women, we can’t take it off and take it off

Nick moved her, saying, “They’re not here to defend themselves.”

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