Woman’s first purchase on FB Marketplace for $35 ‘Bonia shoes’ ends badly


A woman’s very first purchase on Facebook Marketplace turned out to be unforgettable, but not in a good way.

Trampler H said he saw a pair of shoes from luxury brand Bonia listed for $1 on the digital market.

She told Stomp: “When I inquired about it, the seller mentioned that the price had gone up to $35. I agreed looking at the picture, I thought it was okay for the price.

“I paid on delivery by Ninja Van. After opening the package, I realized that the shoes were not what I ordered. At that point, the Ninja Van delivery man had left and it was not a Ninja Van problem.

H received an unbranded pair of shoes that looked nothing like the advertisement she had seen.

The Stomper said: “I tried to message the seller but realized the account had already been deactivated at that point. I was shocked because the seller replied that he didn’t Not long time ago.

“I remember checking the seller’s profile earlier and seeing that the account was registered in 2008. They also had other items listed for sale on Facebook Marketplace, but now it’s all been gutted.

“Not only was I no longer able to find the seller on Facebook Marketplace, but I realized there were many others listing $1-$3 items. They all looked like fake accounts.”

When H attempted to report these questionable-looking accounts on Facebook, she was informed that they did not violate Community Standards.

The Stomper added, “There is nowhere on Facebook to report such fake accounts and marketplace listings. The experience is so bad compared to Carousell and other shopping apps.

“This is actually my first purchase from Facebook Marketplace. I thought to highlight my experience so newbie online shoppers won’t be cheated by these sellers.”

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