Woman arrested for bringing loaded gun in carry-on to Philadelphia International Airport

A Philadelphia woman was arrested Thursday for attempting to bring a loaded handgun on a flight from Philadelphia International Airport.

TSA agents spotted the gun in the woman’s purse as she walked through the x-ray machine at an airport security checkpointCST said Monday. The .25 caliber pistol was loaded with five bullets, one of which was in the chamber.

Police detained the woman before arresting her for weapons violation. The woman will face a federal financial civil penalty, the TSA said.

These penalties include fines that total thousands of dollars, depending on the circumstances. They apply to travelers with or without a concealed carry permit. Travelers with TSA PreCheck may have their privileges revoked if caught with a firearm.

Firearms can be carried as checked baggage if properly packed and declared at an airline counter. Weapons should be unloaded, packed in a hard case, locked and stored separately from ammunition.

“Guns and airplanes don’t mix,” said Gerardo Spero, director of federal security for the TSA at Philadelphia International Airport. “If you want to take your gun on the air, pack it properly for transport or leave it at home.”

It is the seventh firearm confiscated this year at Philadelphia International Airport security checkpoints, TSA officials said. Six of them have been loaded.

Last year, TSA agents caught 39 firearms at the airport – the highest number in the past five years. Across the country, the TSA obtained nearly 6,000 firearms from passengers’ carry-on bags.

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