Woman arrested after allegedly stealing bag of crisps and candy worth $5 after witness called cops – The Bloomingtonian


A 27-year-old woman was arrested after stealing a bag of chips and candy from the Circle K gas station in the 1100 block of South Walnut Street on Monday after a witness saw them take the items, according to the Department of Bloomington Police. The items were worth about $5.

Police saw the woman running west on Grimes and arrested her. When police asked the convenience store clerk if they had dialed 911, the clerk denied having done so. The police then contacted the caller who then returned to the company.

The caller told police they saw, through the exterior window of Circle K, a woman crouched by the freezer taking a bag of crisps and putting them in a bag, then taking a packet of “Reese’s” candy and leaving the store without paying. So they called 911.

The suspect said they had already dumped the items while being chased, but were at the gas station.

The suspect, whose address is listed by police as ‘transitional’, has been taken into custody and will face charges of resisting law enforcement, as well as other charges due of a prior arrest warrant unrelated to the alleged theft.

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