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In today’s travel environment of increasingly crowded airports and frequent stories of lost luggage, packing light became the slogan of the day. With travel blogs and online fashion pages full of reasons to go on, one product has come up again and again as a way to get there: merino wool.

According to experts, merino wool products are soft, comfortable, versatile and can be worn again and again without washing. It is said that sweaters, t-shirts and dresses in fine merino wool are the stars of suitcases when traveling around the world.

While traveling light has always been a goal for me, it has become even more imperative in the recent travel climate. I was so intrigued by the stories of how merino wool pieces could do double and triple duty in a travel wardrobe that I was actively looking for items to try.

So I was happy when the The journey awaits you the team recently contacted me with an offer to try and review a merino wool product from Unbound Merinoa company known for its understated and timeless t-shirts, tank tops, sweaters, leggings, dresses and scarves.

For the sake of versatility, I chose a Classic black boxy fit t-shirt. Since I received the shirt, I practically live in it. I wore it to dinner, around the house and on two hikes. So far I have to say the stories have turned out to be true: it’s soft (not itchy at all), cute and comfortable.

What is Merino Wool?

Forget your memories of bulky, irritating wool sweaters. Merino wool is not that! A quick search online will find many descriptions of merino wool as a superfine fiber produced by a breed of domestic sheep that originated in Spain.

The Unbound Merino website describes merino wool as a “miracle of nature” and notes that each fiber in the wool is naturally coated with lanolin, an organic antibacterial that provides protection against mold, mildew and odor.

Merino wool is known to be finer than regular wool, hence the non-itchy feel. When I received my T-shirt, I was struck by how light it felt on my skin. The fabric is also very stretchy, which improves the feeling of comfort.

Unbound Merino worn in hot climates

What makes merino wool perfect for travelling?

I have a few standard goals when packing for an extended vacation: the pieces should be wrinkle-free, non-bulky, compatible with several other wardrobe items, and flattering. Merino wool products seem to tick all of these boxes.

Unbound Merino emphasizes user-friendliness and calls its pieces “the ultimate travel hack.” A lot of people who post on online travel/fashion websites agree. I have read many articles over the past year about merino wool being wrinkle resistant right out of the bag. Merino fans also say that shirts and sweaters are also compatible with casual jeans as they are dressed up with a skirt, jacket and scarf.

Posters online also rave that their wool shirts are temperature regulating and sweat wicking, making them suitable in both hot and cold climates. I haven’t been able to test my Unbound Merino t-shirt in warm weather yet, but I wore it on a somewhat strenuous hike in 60-degree Fahrenheit weather in northern Arizona, and it did. felt comfortable the whole way.

Another obvious travel benefit is the layering potential. Because my T-shirt is super lightweight, it could easily be layered with a sweater or outer jacket. I can’t wait to try it on my next trip to Seattlewhere the forecast announces an alternation of rain and sun.

Unrelated merino man and woman

Why choose unbound merino?

Unbound Merino touts its versatility, high performance, and durability, and all of these qualities make it a good choice for merino wool products.

On the sustainability front, Unbound notes, “Each year, Merino sheep grow a fleece that is humanely sheared (and mulesing-free) with care – making our garments all-natural, biodegradable, and made from a sustainable resource. and renewable.

I also appreciate the classic style of the Unbound pieces. My one-pocket t-shirt has a slightly boxy fit, which I love, and falls just at the waist so it can be worn untucked or partially tucked in.

There are plenty of other stylish items to try as well. Menswear includes a range of t-shirts, hoodies, polo shirts and sweaters, as well as underwear, socks and scarves. I particularly liked the look of the men’s merino wool long sleeve crewwhich has a classic sweater look and comes in a range of great colors including black, charcoal, navy and Scottsdale or Sedona rust.

Unbound also has travel pants for men, which are described as being ultra-lightweight, stretchy, wrinkle-resistant and super comfortable. The pants are made from machine washable premium Italian wool and are available in sandstone, slate gray and black.

In women’s fashion, Unbound offers a range of choices that includes not only classic t-shirts and sweaters, but also dresses, tank tops, hats and scarves.

In addition to my square pocket t-shirt, I also like the look of the Merino travel dress, a sleeveless below-the-knee black dress that looks to be flattering on many body types. As the description notes, the dress could easily be transformed from a comfortable daytime outfit to a nighttime ensemble by adding a few accessories and some heels. The long-sleeved merino crew also seems like a great choice in cold weather, with the Merino leggings.

I love a big scarf, and Unbound has a nice version in black, charcoal, and navy, as well as cute beanies and a scarf + beanie set. The website offers a range of holiday gift boxes for men and women which includes beautiful selections of t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, leggings and beanies.

Overall, I loved my first foray into merino wool. My Unbound t-shirt is everything I look for in a shirt – great fit, luxurious feel, and versatility with pretty much everything in my closet. It held up well on my hikes and it also looked great when I dined out at a nice restaurant. And perhaps best of all for a travel item, after wearing it a few times, my t-shirt still looks fresh without having been washed.

From my first impression, I see my t-shirt and others Unbound Merino woolen items will become staples in my travel wardrobe for years to come.

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