Why it’s OK that your clothes haven’t fit you for four years

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Looking back on my time in elementary, middle and even high school, I discovered that there is a common misconception about how girls in this age group view their bodies compared to others. We are constantly comparing ourselves to each other.

Why are we doing this? As a naïve young girl (I still am), I can defend my classmates and say that we all felt that and many still do in college.

It comes with that mindset of constant thoughts like why i don’t look like him? Why are my hips so much more curved than his? Why doesn’t my hair curl like this? How does she make her mascara look like this?

The list goes on for miles.

When I ask myself these questions, I like to remind myself of the beauty of the differences we have between us. Instead of answering these questions with my real thoughts, I tell myself that growth is necessary to become the person I really want to be. I can’t become the successful woman I want to be if I’m still stuck in the same mindset and body I had when I was 16.

This also holds true for our physical health and the growth of our bodies. Our bodies naturally change as we age, so naturally we’re going to look different from four years ago. Trust me, it’s time to throw away that old bikini top you’ll never wear again!

Part of growing is realizing that you can break out of that negative mindset, and teaching me to do that is something I’m eternally grateful for. This shift in mindset doesn’t happen overnight, rather it requires conscious effort on a daily basis.

Here are some tips and tricks that have helped me along the way.

* DISCLAIMER: I don’t have the expert knowledge or ability to tell you to do any of these things. It turns out that these exercises worked for me.

Break the habits

The hardest thing to do is to break a habit. A habit is formed after 21 days of doing something consecutively. Without even realizing it, you are creating your own habit of telling yourself negative thoughts every day.

To break that stride, start by choosing one thing you like about yourself when brushing your teeth in the morning. It can be a feature you like about your face, your stomach that shakes when you laugh, the way you pronounce a certain word, etc. Highlighting one thing about yourself each day will help you realize that there are so many positive traits about you. !

Show gratitude

Starting your day with gratitude each day will not only help you feel more grateful for the things in your life, but it will also help you start having a more positive outlook. With a restricted mindset, it is difficult to see things openly. Waking up and showing gratitude, whether you say it internally or out loud, helps set the mood for the day and helps you achieve small wins throughout the day.

A simple sentence like, “Thanks for another day” helps get the job done and start your process of becoming a positive queen.

reality check

Sometimes you just have to be tough and face reality. Everyone is made differently and everyone comes from a different part of the world. It causes people to act differently, look different, and have different traits from you.

We are different from each other for a reason! Kiss him!

All in all, don’t worry about not fitting into your favorite top, your pair of jeans, or your best high school bra. You are meant to grow over time. Kiss him!

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