When is a good time to buy new clothes?

When is a good time to buy new clothes?

Buying new clothes can bring instant happiness and excitement. Whether you’re visiting your favorite clothing store or adding fashionable pieces to your online shopping cart, you’ll feel a sense of euphoria that’s hard to deny. The thing is, the psychological boost you feel while shopping is not imaginary. A study published in the consumer psychology journal found that shopping makes people happy and even combats residual sadness because it can help restore a sense of personal control.

While buying new clothes has its benefits, unnecessary purchases can hurt your wallet, cultivate the habit of overspending, and harm the environment. You see, the carbon footprint of your clothes will be significantly higher if you constantly buy new ones without maximizing the use of your old ones. Due to all these negative repercussions, you need to check whether you are buying new clothes out of necessity or out of habit. Although it is certainly a good idea to buy leggingsunderwear and other tight-fitting clothes as soon as they start to fit badly, buying more tops and pants than you need will only add clutter to your closet.

If you’re having trouble deciding when to buy new clothes, read on. This piece will discuss five signs that tell you when you need new outfits. We’ll also offer ideas to help you acquire new additions for your wardrobe while minimizing their impact on the environment.

5 signs it’s time to buy some new clothes

Buying can be hard to resist new clothes, especially if you find beautiful pieces on display. To help you discern whether you can justify buying new clothes, check if any of the conditions below apply to you.

Your circumstances change

Perhaps the most obvious sign that you need to buy new clothes is when a lifestyle change calls for a different style of dress. An example is becoming pregnant. Naturally, you need to invest in loose or stretchy maternity clothes that fit your growing body. Or maybe you’ve switched to work-from-home arrangements, so you need to swap out your corporate suits for more casual outfits.

Buying new clothes can be hard to resist, especially if you find some great pieces on display.

Most of your basic clothes no longer fit

Another valid reason to buy new clothes is when your favorite pieces no longer fit. Maybe you’ve lost a lot of weight and your jeans, t-shirts and dresses are now too big for you. If so, it makes sense to revamp your capsule wardrobe to ensure you have pieces that complement your body and fit comfortably.

Your closet is full, but getting dressed is a chore

Are you dreading getting dressed in the morning because you can’t find outfits you like even though you have a closet full of clothes? If you feel that way, it’s a sign that it’s time to invest in versatile pieces that make you look and feel good. Remember that your clothes are not just body coverings. What you wear should lift your mood and give you confidence, not make you lose your mind.

You haven’t shopped in years

Think about the last time you bought new clothes. Has it been years? Look to your closet for clues. If the contents of your wardrobe have remained unchanged and you can’t remember the last time you bought new clothes, it might be time to upgrade. Consider buying a versatile piece or two that can expand your options, such as a pair of dark jeans that fit you perfectly or a high-quality white button-up shirt.

Your friends keep inviting you to go shopping

Maybe your friends have offered to take you shopping or often suggested outfit ideas they think you’ll look good in. Maybe it’s their way of gently letting you know it’s time to revamp your wardrobe. Make small changes at first. Or better yet, ask your trusted fashionista friends for advice on what clothes to buy.

4 ways to build your wardrobe without shopping

Have you confirmed that it’s time for you to get some new clothes? If so, you may want to consider other ways to acquire essential clothing items without buying brand new items. Here are four things you can do to build your wardrobe while saving money and reducing your impact on the environment.

Give your wardrobe a second look

Before concluding that you need to buy new clothes, first clean out your closet thoroughly. Take out all your clothes and inspect them one by one. Keep all the pieces you love and put all the clothes you don’t want to wear anymore in a donation box. By doing this simple exercise, you’ll have a closet full of items that make you happy. Imagine how exciting it will be to plan and create different outfits with things you love.

More importantly, you will probably find several items of clothing that are still in good condition but that you may have forgotten about. Who knows? Maybe you’ve had the clothes you need in your closet all along.

Buy new clothes

Shopping for new clothes is fun and exciting.

Breathe new life into your old clothes

Instead of buying new clothes, why not try transforming some of your old pieces into a brand new outfit? For example, you can cut well-worn jeans into stylish shorts or carve a long skirt you no longer use into a perfect summer midi. Use the same technique with your rarely worn t-shirts to create sexy crop tops. Besides the cut, you can add unique touches like embroidery, crystals, or colored buttons to plain-looking outfits to enhance their overall look. Try searching for ideas online and you’ll probably be surprised to find that you have countless options.

Arrange clothing swaps

As the famous saying goes, “One woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure”, so invite your friends over and ask them to bring all the clothes they don’t like anymore for a night of fun , laughing and exchanging clothes! Prepare some snacks and a bottle of fine wine, and sift through piles of old clothes to find your new “treasures”. Do a test run with a few of your closest friends to get a feel for the process. Consider hosting more clothing swaps with more attendees to expand your choices.

Use fashion accessories

Sometimes all it takes to make an old outfit look fresh and attractive is the right fashion accessories. So, before you start shopping, first try to organize your accessories and see how you can use them to build your wardrobe. Do you have a big statement necklace in bright colors? Wear it with a plain white or black tight t-shirt to transform it from a plain top into something visually appealing. Try adding a sleek belt to an oversized button-up shirt and you’ve got a chic date night ensemble. With a little creativity, experimentation and quality accessories, creating different looks using the same tops and bottoms is possible.

Buying new clothes can give you an emotional boost, but it’s best to limit your shopping to when it’s really needed. Otherwise, you’ll be wasting your money and filling your closet with items you don’t really like. So the next time you’re tempted to buy clothes, consider your intentions first and explore other options that don’t increase your carbon footprint.

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