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Bombay, October 11: Whether it is a festival or any other function, women attract everyone’s attention with their attractive dresses. Everyone is trying to change their look to stand out from the crowd. The Diwali festival is definitely a great opportunity to indulge yourself. Women prepare vigorously for the three-four days of bankruptcy. Most women these days prefer traditional clothes and accessories. This is why new trends in traditional fashion also arrive during Diwali. However, some accessories remain in fashion forever. They give you a classic look no matter when you use them. Today we are going to tell you about the use of some of these basic and traditional accessories. You can use these accessories during Diwali festival. Thus, you will definitely be more beautiful.

Try these accessories with traditional Diwali clothes

Mang Tika (bindi)

Maang Teeka is a traditional ornament worn in the middle of the hair up to the forehead. It is also called bindi in some places. You can wear it with lehenga, punjabi suit, saree, etc. If you are planning to wear a traditional outfit for Diwali events, definitely try Mang Tikka with it. It will make your look heavier.

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Delicate earrings will enhance the beauty of the ears

Wear a suitable pair of earrings over any dress and your look and face can be completely open. So don’t miss the traditional Diwali wear by adding the dauldar Jhumka. Jhumkas are dangling earrings. Jhumkas will complement your traditional look. You can also try a choker with earrings.

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If you don’t like wearing something around your neck, you can wear it without. Because your earrings will make up for that. Many jhumkas are readily available in the market these days in both small and large sizes and are lightweight and comfortable.

A delicate choker will enhance the beauty of the neck

Many times grandma or mother in your house asks you to wear something around your neck. They say you shouldn’t keep your throat empty during festivals. However, some girls or women do not want to put too much weight on their neck. In such cases, a flimsy choker is helpful to solve your problem. A choker is a great choice, especially with a dress with a deep neckline. If your dress is round neck or plain, you can wear a choker with it.

Designer bracelets

If you wear beautiful bracelets with a traditional dress, your look definitely needs ‘Char Chand’. So definitely try the wristbands this Diwali. In the market, you will find different types of bracelets that suit your dress.

A small tikli will give the perfect look

Girls these days don’t tickle their foreheads every day. However, one day you will see your face completely open. Especially when paired with Punjabi suit, lehenga or saree, tikali definitely makes you more beautiful. So try a designer or simple red-black tikli this Diwali.

hair layered chain

Your hair is as important as your clothes. It is therefore very important to have a hairstyle that suits your clothes. You can use layered hair chains for hair with traditional Diwali clothes. You can also make a hair chain from a simple necklace.

the clock

Whatever the occasion, wearing a watch in your hand gives a very good look. A watch is something that never goes out of style. So be sure to wear a designer watch with traditional clothes this year (2021) on Diwali.

panjan (anklet)

The creaking of the delicate panjans attracts everyone. You will find many types of anklets in the market. You can wear gold, silver or other anklets. Beaded and kundan anklets will also help open up your dress. If you’re married, you can also add a matching toe ring.

nose pin

A delicate nose pin can make your look classic. So try a nose pin that suits the dress this Diwali. You can look even more beautiful using these accessories that never go out of style. So try out some of these accessories this Diwali and spice up your new dress.

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