Two men fight with shoes, twitterati say ‘guns, shoes up’ | viral video

Image source: TWITTER/@TAM_KHAN Two men fight with shoes | viral video

Public altercations are nothing new under the sun and are frequently seen in crowded places. There are times when arguments escalate and individuals end up fighting physically. In a similar incident, a bizarre video is circulating the internet that sees two middle-aged men losing control and fighting aggressively with their shoes. The bizarre video left netizens split.

The viral video opens with two men fighting with their shoes very aggressively. The clip then shows the two getting into a violent altercation in which one man grabs the other’s shirt and tries to knock him to the ground. The filmed images further show that the two men are not ready to give up and are trying to fight hard. The fight scene then sees a man intervene in the altercation and make an effort to break up the fight, eventually managing to stop it. After the fight, the men are seen carrying their combat weapons (shoes) and leaving the scene. However, it is unclear why the fight broke out.

The video was uploaded by a Twitter user named Tam Khan, and it went viral in no time. The text inserted into the video read: “I must say it’s better than Guns.”

Seeing the incident, netizens hilariously digged. One user wrote, “It’s better than guns, AK47s, atomic bombs, aerial bombings, etc. This should be learned by every country in the world. All their ministries should throw down all their weapons and learn to fight only with these weapons.” Another user wrote, “महिलाओं को भी पीछे छोड़ दिया (They left the women behind).”

While the viral video had netizens bursting into laughter, it also reflects the reality of how individuals go crazy and lose control of themselves during these public spats when they could handle it better. the situation in compliance with the law.


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