Turn unwanted shoes into scholarships for Montclair Kids

The Kiwanis Club of Montclair, a 501(c)(4) non-profit organization, is hosting a sneaker/athletic shoe/work and hiking shoe fundraiser this year. Every penny raised will be returned to Montclair High graduates in the form of scholarships.

Last year, the club ran a similar campaign and raised nearly $1,000. This year, the goal is even higher and the club hopes to raise at least $1,500.

Here’s how it works: Instead of throwing away your lightly worn sneakers (no holes or tears), athletic shoes with plastic or rubber soles (no metal cleats), work and hiking boots (no rain, rubber or fashion boots) and block them. a landfill, you give them away for recycling. There are collection bins at every school in Montclair as well as City Hall, Cycle Bar, Watchung Bookstores, Fleet Feet, YMCA, Paper Plane Coffee Company and TD Bank in Lackawanna Square. Tie the shoes together to keep them as a pair. The club must collect a minimum of 700 pairs of sneakers, athletic shoes, work and hiking boots.

The club then sells the donated shoes to a California-based company, the Fundraising Company (https://thefundraisingcompany.com), which pays $1.50 a pound. The Fundraising Company then ships the shoes overseas – mostly to Africa – where entrepreneurs, mostly women, refurbish the shoes and resell them.

It’s an incredible win-win-win. You get rid of your unwanted clutter that doesn’t end up in a landfill. The Kiwanis Club of Montclair raises funds for scholarships for Montclair graduates, and Women Abroad recycle and resell the refurbished shoes.

When you do your fall shopping to replace sneakers, athletic shoes, work and hiking boots that your family has outgrown, please tie them together and donate them to the collection bins found at each school and in places around Montclair.

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