Treasure House Fashions provides free clothing, helping women in transition or in crisis

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — From casual to comfortable to classy, ​​Treasure House Fashions has rows of clothes to buy that are discounted for all women, but made available free of charge for those in transition or in crisis.

“It really helped me because I’m a single mom and I spend all my money on my two boys,” Amber Jenereaux said. “I don’t really go out to buy myself anything.”

Jenereaux said she entered the Sojourner House Moms program after battling addiction.

Treasure House Fashions provided professional attire for her and other interviewing mothers.

“It gives you more confidence than you can put on,” Jeneraux said. “I’m still in leggings and a sweatshirt, but she [Sally Power] gave us nice clothes to make us feel better about ourselves.”

“The real core of our mission is to work with over 65 agencies,” said Sally Power, Founder of Treasure House Fashions. “These agencies are everything from homelessness, to addiction recovery, to domestic violence, to trafficking, to women who have had health issues.”

Power said these women received gift certificates to cover costs.

They also host a Girls Night Out where organizations can sponsor women to shop and provide personal shoppers.

But throughout this retail therapy, the power wants these women to find the treasure that lies within.

“Clothes are the means, not the mission,” Power said. “It’s really affirming the value of women in difficult journeys.”

They teach these women invaluable lessons as they rummage through the shelves.

“I will say to women all the time, ‘I have great clothes. They are famous brands. Some have special prices. But I give discounts on my clothes. If you know your value, you will not give discounts. ., in fact, you’ll add taxes because you know what you’re worth. When you know what you’re worth. You won’t settle for anything,” Power said.

“That’s what helped me,” Jenereaux said. “If I hadn’t had support, I would have been back where I was.”

But now Jenereaux and thousands of other women are walking away with clothes and most importantly a new sense of pride and purpose.

Power said she has other plans for Treasure House Fashions.

She wants to make it fully accessible and add a training center to teach more skills to women and provide internship opportunities.

For more information on how you can shop or donate here, Click here.

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