Traveler Shares Awesome Hack To Turn Airplane Sick Bag Into Mini TV Screen

Everyone knows the crushing disappointment of realizing your airplane seat doesn’t have a TV screen on a long-haul flight.

Some travelers use their phone as a clunky substitute for the glorious big screen, but it can be a pain to keep it propped up.

A savvy tech expert knows that feeling all too well and shared it ICT Tac hack to turn a free airplane item into your very own entertainment hub.

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Katarina revealed her hack to turn the sick bag into a phone holder. (ICT Tac)

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Katarina Mogus, who publishes as @katamogzshared his own “iPhone travel hack” for when you don’t have a TV screen included in the back of the seat.

In the video, Mogus removes the case from his iPhone and pulls the sick bag out of the seat pocket.

She then places the bottom of the sick bag between her phone and its case, making sure it is properly seated.

Once the bag is securely fastened inside the phone case, Mogus lowers the tray table and folds half of the sick bag and secures it behind the tray.

Finally, she uses the slide lock to hold the sick bag in place.

Katarina phone trip hack
In the video, Mogus removes the case from his iPhone and pulls the sick bag out of the seat pocket. (ICT Tac)

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The result is a hands-free hanging screen – so you can sit back, relax and watch your favorite TV shows or movies without having to hold it yourself.

If the plane doesn’t have Wi-Fi, you can pre-download shows or movies on any streaming service so you can still enjoy them without using data.

Mogus supporters loved its simple hack and vowed to try it on their next flight,

“I would do this because I’m going on vacation,” wrote one woman. “So helpful,” said another.

A woman said she had a similar hack for watching content on your phone while traveling by car.

“Also works with a disposable mask and the visor in your car!” she commented.

Katarina phone trip hack
The result is a hands-free hanging display. (ICT Tac)

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Mogus isn’t the first person to share the popular travel hack online, after TikTok user Stephen Edwards shared a similar tip for a hands-free smartphone in 2020.

His music video also garnered thousands of comments, with some joking that the hack only worked if you weren’t planesick.

“It’s just fun and games until you get sick,” one person wrote.

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