Top 6 running shoes for women in January 2022 of 2022

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About the top 6 running shoes for women in January 2022

The best running shoes, or the best running shoes as few people like to call them, are an essential part of running gear. A good pair of shoes can not only help you run faster, but it can also reduce the risk of injury and in some cases improve your running form. Plus, a new pair of running shoes can be a better motivation to start running for those who are struggling to find the energy to exercise.

Choosing the best running shoes for road running is a real challenge, especially when shopping online. Therefore, we have compiled the miles for you so that you can make the right choice. Nothing is a substitute for trying a shoe yourself, but our goal here is to provide you with better starting points with neutral and stability options, as well as shoes for training and racing days. .

Whether you are looking for elastic and responsive shoes to help you beat your personal bests (maybe with a carbon plate for more support) or you are looking for durable and reliable shoes for those long miles, here you have a cycling shoe. route for you. Whether you are looking for your first pair of adidas running shoes or a seasoned pro is trying to replace your worn out running shoes with the best Nike running shoes, these are the best options for what’s likely running. More completed. shoe guide on the internet.

Here is the list of the best running shoes for women.

adidas ultraboost 22

Another good all-rounder for experienced runners and beginners is the Adidas Ultraboost 22. When Adidas released their first Ultraboost in February 2015, the running world went wild for the inflatable “Boost” foam, which was really exciting underfoot. Seven years later, Boost Foam is still so exciting – it’s quick and responsive when it needs to be, but still luxurious over longer, slower miles.

The Ultraboost 22 was designed by an all-female design team, for runners. Adidas used scans of 1.2 million female feet to redesign their Ultraboost 21, giving the Ultraboost 22 a narrower heel, a lower instep, and an S-shaped heel to allow the tendon to shine. ‘Achilles to move more freely. The downside here is the weight – it’s not a lightweight shoe, but unless you’re really trying to do some PR, you shouldn’t mind. It’s a great all-rounder for everything from your first 5k to a quick half marathon.

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adidas adistar

The Adidas Adistar impressed us with its well-designed rocker that propels you forward during long training sessions. It’s not the lightest shoe we’ve tested, but its dual density foam is tough and durable, and holds up well even after a long ride. We also liked the shoe’s integrated cage system, which gives this running shoe a snug and comfortable fit. The top is made from a combination of recycled ocean plastic and recycled polyester, which is also welcome from a sustainability standpoint.

Overall, the Adidas Adistar is a great running shoe for those long, slow sessions, and will help you keep your pace and shape even when your mind starts to wander and you run on autopilot. Even after several hours, it doesn’t feel slow, and the rocker design means you’re unlikely to accidentally drag your toes despite how high the stack of shoes is.

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Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38

The Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38 is a great all-rounder and one of the best Nike running shoes on the market right now. It’s a good option for runners who want a pair of running shoes that do it all – the Pegasus 38 can be used for sprint sessions thanks to the React foam, which is light and responsive underfoot. That said, it’s also comfortable on longer runs thanks to the wide toe box. The Pegasus is a workaholic – you can use it for a marathon, your first 5 miles, and pretty much everything in between.

When it comes to fit, the Pegasus 38 is true to size, although like most other brands of running shoes, it’s definitely worth increasing the size of your regular running shoes. Old school Pegasus fans will be happy to know that the 38’s fit is more similar to previous versions of the shoe. The padded tongue and collar also add to the shoe’s plush feel, and the front of the shoe is high and wide, which should prevent your toes from rubbing the sides of the shoe as you move. The Pegasus also looks great, which doesn’t really matter in the last few miles of your run, but it’s a selling point if you’re looking for a shoe to wear to the gym and for that post-run brunch with. friends.

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Hoka One One Bondi X

The Hoka One One Bondi X has the company’s familiar chunky styling, but feels nimble thanks to a built-in carbon plate. This is a new feature in the Bondi range and, paired with a full-size molded EVA outsole, results in an elastic and responsive ride. It’s smoother, wider, and overall more forgiving than the Carbon X 2, and better suited for running a few extra miles of your training runs than for breaking personal bests on race day. In our testing, we found it especially useful after the 10 mile mark, when our fitness sometimes tends to suffer.

You’ll love or hate its distinctive look (the fluorescent color scheme and sturdy heel unit are hard to miss), but if you’re happy to embrace its style, you’ll find it quite pleasing when you’re on the sidewalk. for only a few hours. .

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Asics Gel Cumulus 23

If Asics Air Cumulus was in the dictionary, it would be next to the word “reliable”. These shoes won’t set the world on fire, but they will be there for you come rain or shine. It’s a lightweight, everyday running sneaker that isn’t as flashy as the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38, but still helps you comfortably during most sessions.

The midsole is Asics Flytefoam, which is luxurious without being overly cushioned. It’s firmer than, say, the Brooks Glycerin 19, but will still give you a good amount of energy while running. The outsole is strong, with good traction on most surfaces, and the upper is strong and breathable. Fit-wise, this is a classic Asics – true to size, comfortable, and wide enough to avoid uncomfortable irritation for most runners. It is also extremely durable and will last a few hundred miles.

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Saucony Endorphine Speed

If you’ve recently fallen in love with running, the Saucony Endorphine Speed ​​may be the best running shoe to rekindle your passion for the sidewalk. This is a neutral motion control shoe, which means it is not designed to prevent twisting motion due to overpronation, but it helps the foot roll and transfer energy. more efficiently thanks to a nylon heel plate. midsole. The result is a fun, springy (but not bouncy) feel with every step.

It’s an exceptionally light shoe and Saucony has reduced the design as much as possible to reduce the extra grams. We can’t guarantee this will help you achieve a new personal best on your next race, but we wouldn’t be surprised.

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