TimTheTatman launches exclusive accessories for millions to enjoy with HyperX

Timothy John Betar, better known as TimTheTatman, has announced his very first co-branded product. Over the past few years, many popular gaming brands have partnered with top streamers to promote their products. After all, collaborating with famous streamers is one of the best ways to build a brand. In fact, it’s more of a win-win situation for the brand and the streamer.


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Famous gaming brand HyperX has teamed up with Timmy. The company manufactures gaming accessories such as keyboards, mice, headsets, glasses, controllers and many more. Through their collaboration with Timmy, HyperX has launched a special TimTheTatman collection. This includes 4 accessories: a keyboard, a mouse, a headset and a mouse pad. All themed around TimTheTatman with his name and a special logo.


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HyperX – TimTheTatman now available

Earlier today, Timmy announced his collaboration with HyperX via his Instagram narrative.

Many fans have already purchased the entire collection and mentioned it on Instagram, tagging Timmy. Apparently the complete collection comes in a crate with “TimTheTatman HyperX Spring 2022 Supply Drop” written on.

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Undoubtedly, its design is inspired by Call of Duty supply drops and the company has done just that with the packaging. In fact, fans can get a glimpse of the intriguing packaging in the Insta story above.

Here is the link to the HyperX-TimTheTatman Collection. Grab a few before it runs out.

What does the collection include?

HyperX has been serving the needs of gamers since 2002. Their products have proven to be quite durable as the renowned brand has never compromised in terms of quality.


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TimTheTatman’s collection could be an amazing addition to your gaming vault. Without a doubt, the company has worked hard on Timmy’s collection, giving each product a unique design. Here’s what the collection includes:

  • Pulsefire Mat – TimTheTatMan Edition – $39.99

  • Cloud Alpha – TimTheTatMan Edition – $109.99

  • Alloy Elite 2 – TimTheTatMan Edition – $139.99

  • Pulsefire Haste – TimTheTatMan Edition – $59.99


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Comment and tell us how you liked the HyperX-Timmy collection? Also, what is your favorite gaming brand?

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