Three booked for making a video of a girl changing clothes and blackmailing her

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Bhopal: Police booked three youngsters for making a lewd video of one of their bandmates changing clothes in the toilet. Police said the three youths then showed this video to one of his friends and demanded Rs. 5,000 from the girl.

The incident happened at a government educational institute in Ashoka Garden locality on September 17. According to police, the victim, fearing repercussions, ran away from home and was later found at the station by police a few hours later.

The victim told Piplani police that she was changing clothes in the girl’s toilet on September 17, before offering prayers on Vishwakarma Jayanti when the three defendants Rahul Yadav, Ayan and Khushboo Thakur secretly recorded her video obscene. Since the incident happened in Ashoka Garden area, a Zero FIR was registered by Piplani Police and handed over to Ashoka Garden Police, The Times of India reported.

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Police said the three defendants showed the video clip to one of the victims’ friends and demanded Rs. 5,000, threatening to make the video go viral on social media. The victim was then unaware of the incident. Her friend informed her of the incident and the three defendants began pressuring her to pay. Since the girl had no money, she was terrified and ran away from home on Thursday.

The police found her two hours later at the train station and the girl, questioned by her worried family, told them the whole incident. Following this, his family filed an FIR with the police on Friday.

Based on the complaint filed by the girl’s family, the police filed an FIR under various sections of the Computer Law as well as an extortion case against the three defendants and opened investigations.

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