These Amazon Purse Accessories Are Actually Pretty Clever

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Many of us, myself included, are guilty of not keeping our handbags as organized as they could be. Regardless of their size, they always seem to become a black hole for keys, lip balm and other essentials lost in the folds of the fabric lining.

Recently, after spending too much time decluttering months-old receipts and movie tickets from my purse, a fellow editor shared a few Instagram posts that inspired me to undertake an extreme makeover, a bag edit. by hand.

Of purse optimized water bottle has a motion activated purse lightcontent creator Julianna Claire had an intriguing line of products that seriously wowed us.

In a follow-up post, Claire shared more helpful Amazon finds, all designed to make your handbag even more functional.

Amazon finds can be pretty hit and miss, but these purse accessories stand out for their ability to keep your bag cleaner and more functional, and to keep you safe. Product reviewers agree that these items are pretty damn convenient. If you’ve always aspired to be the woman ready to take on any situation, look no further.

Who doesn’t need all the help they can get to stay hydrated? The flat rectangular shape of this minimalist water bottle allows it to slip into your purse more efficiently than a standard water bottle. Available in four different sizes and with a stainless steel lid, reaching your daily water intake has never been easier or more stylish.

No more hunting blindly in your purse! This nifty little light works automatically, so there are no buttons to press or switches to flip. It turns on automatically when it detects a light tap or the approach of a hand. Once you find what you’re looking for, it turns itself off after 10 seconds. It’s also energy efficient, so battery replacements will be infrequent.

Bagnet founder Kelley Daring said her goal was “to deliver a product that would make women’s lives easier and better.” This small but powerful purse magnet achieves this by attaching your bag to any magnetic surface. It holds up to eight pounds and won’t damage credit cards or tech devices, so it’s safe to use inside or outside of your purse. Use it to keep your purse off the floor of bathroom stalls and restaurants, or even to keep your bag securely attached to grocery carts while you shop.

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This useful handbag accessory consists of a round plastic outer shell with a smaller, sticky ball inside. It’s designed to roll around in your purse and clean up crumbs, lint, or other small debris. The best part? It’s super easy to clean! Just open the outer ball and run the inner ball under water. Your handbag will be spotless in no time.

Have you ever had to make the trip to the car to store your handbag because you forgot to check the stadium bag guidelines first? This is exactly the problem that this little bag helps you avoid. It’s small and completely transparent, so it complies with clear bag rules at all major sporting events. Despite this, it is large enough to contain your needs. Plus, fanny packs are totally back in style!

You can never be too safe, especially when you’re on the go. This handbag accessory is small and lightweight, so it’s easy to slip into any bag. It connects to iPhone and Android phones via Bluetooth with real-time GPS location and belongings tracking device. Whenever you feel unsafe, simply pull the Care Go device and it will alert your friends and family members to your location. And because you only have to recharge it once a year, you don’t have to worry about it dying at a critical time.

Another personal safety device, this rechargeable keychain alarm emits a loud siren and bright flashing light in any emergency you may encounter. It charges in just an hour via a USB cable, and you can also use it as a flashlight.

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