There’s a rock in my shoes

A companion in life from sadness to happiness; Long-lasting friendship

Rock and I have known each other since I was nineteen. It seemed like it was around this time in my life that I had a hard time making friends.

—Peter Lee Geller

TUCSON, ARIZONA, USA, April 29, 2022 / — A mysterious and powerful detective story that blurs the lines between fantasy and reality set in the streets of New York, written by Peter Lee Geller. This is his first published book titled There’s a Rock in My Shoes. It’s about Darold Sanderson, a mid-level accounting supervisor for a New York-based publishing company who has always led a quiet, unassuming life and is content to keep it that way. His only close friends have already passed away, and the only “person” left in his life is Rock Hard, a hardened ex-private detective. The only problem with the relationship is that no one but Darold has ever seen or talked to him, and Rock will only talk to Darold!

Suddenly, he encountered an error in the company’s records, a problem that would have cost his company dearly. His natural curiosity, however, leads Darold to try to find out why this error occurred. He also met a woman he started living with and realizes that people are trying to kill him! But with Rock’s help, Darold escapes one incident after another as he gets closer and closer to solving the mystery. He unwittingly hides and investigates everything that happened to him because the police will never trust his intuition. This leads Darold into a chaos he didn’t know existed and can, at any moment, sacrifice his own life. Peter Lee Geller, a retired banker married to his wife Nancy for forty years. There’s a Rock in My Shoes is his first book.

There’s a rock in my shoes
Written by: Peter Lee Geller
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