The year 2022 will be a mix of bags

“Our hope for the New Year is that together we will make real progress towards a more inclusive and sustainable global economy that rewards invention, encourages competition, solves problems, respects workers and controls power.” Quartz Editor-in-Chief Katherine Bell

Harris on the Free by Edward Harris

The year 2022 will be more difficult to predict than 2021. There is so much pending. With the guidance of Yahweh, we will overcome. Let’s get right to the point. Despite my opening statement, I am prepared to predict that:

1. Work from home, remote work and ad hoc concerts will be the standard of employment established in the future. Employees took a stand to have less supervision in the office / workplace and more freedom to work from home. This development prompted the Great Resignation, also known as the Big Quit.

2. Women will continue to climb the corporate ladder without anything stopping them, leaving their male counterparts in awe.

3. Small businesses will grow at the fastest pace in recent decades, and women will lead the charge. James Brown is about to be wrong, if he isn’t already. Is it still a man’s world?

4. Technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), robotics and blockchain will continue to set new standards in all areas of production, trade and investment.

5. Space exploration will be accelerated and all the advanced countries of the world will compete for a place in space.

6. Following on from COP26, climate change will take center stage as the potential for future disasters must be taken into account as a priority. The many disasters around the world in general and in the United States in particular have caused more concern than ever before, and things are likely to get worse.

seven. Unless there is an infusion of energy into the Democratic Party, the GOP will take control of both the House and the Senate in November 2022. President Biden is following the same path as President Obama in undertaking signature programs like Build Back Better, and in the case of President Obama, Obama Care where the latter only succeeded thanks to the unity among the Democrats at the time.

8. The recovery will not be driven by politicians, it will be made by Entrepreneurs of the world whose actions are results-oriented and do not waste precious time debating the obvious and trying to score points. The situation in the current US Senate with Joe Manchin and his female counterpart Kyrsten Sinema reveals the fundamental difference between legislative chambers and council chambers.

9. World peace will be on the skin in 2022 more than at any time in recent history. The turmoil among the nations as it is currently being experienced will intensify.

ten. Honorable Mia Mottley, the Prime Minister of Barbados will win the next general election scheduled for January 19, 2022 by a landslide.

11. The government of Saint Lucia will stabilize the economy around the 3rd quarter of 2022 and will end up with reasonable growth in gross domestic product (GDP).

12. COVID 19 will continue to escalate in 2022. The Omicron variant will hit hard and citizens around the world will rush to get vaccinated.

All eyes are on President Joe Biden’s administration to see how it will handle the HR4 John R. Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act of 2021. I am confident that something that will appease all parties in the Senate will be passed to prevent chaos which is likely to happen if Republicans are allowed to make their way with the bills that have been passed in the various Republican-controlled states.

This is the time of year when most people implement their resolutions and challenge themselves to do better in all aspects of their lives. Unlike in previous years, I can only assume that it has not been so easy due to the many uncertainties that lie ahead.

Let us continue to give thanks to our Creator for bringing us this far as we continue to depend on him to guide and protect us throughout the following year.

Plan to stay alive in 2022, adhere to COVID 19 protocols, and get vaccinated. I wish you all a happy and prosperous 2022! Blessings!

Edouard harris
Journalist / Real estate agent / Independent consultant
E-mail: [email protected]

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