The Rhoback Azalea Collection


The Masters hype is at an all-time high, and while we’re very excited for what’s happening inside the ropes, several apparel companies are celebrating the best week of the year by releasing limited-edition apparel. on the theme of the Masters.

Averee Dovsek previewed what the stars will wear at Augusta and showed us the 2022 Masters of Style collection from Stitch Golf. Today we are back to discover the Azalea collection from Rhoback. Don’t worry, we’ll be posting a full roundup of our favorite Masters-themed gear before the tournament begins.

For those unfamiliar, Rhoback takes its name from the Rhodesian Ridgeback dog breed, hence the dog logo on all of their products. Ridgebacks constantly crave activity, leading to the company motto: crave activity. Rhoback wants its products to not only last, but to perform and transition seamlessly between all types of activities. Whether you’re celebrating Masters Week by playing 18 every day or just watching Augusta’s live coverage from your pal’s couch, Rhoback has you covered.

Azalea Polo Shirt (Rhoback)

Price: From $89

Information: One of the best-known features of Augusta National, the collection’s namesake is the famous Masters green with vibrant pink azaleas. The most popular item in the collection, Rhoback has an Azalea item for everyone, ranging from the moisture-wicking Azalea polo shirt, to the ultra-comfortable Azalea hoodie and even the performance-packed Q-Zip Azalea.

Azalea Polo – $89

Azalea Hoodie – $98

Azalea Q-Zip – $124

Rhoback The Condi Quarter Zip

The Condi Q-Zip (Rhoback)

Price: $89 & $114

Information: Rhoback also offers two female options in The Darla and The Condi. The Condi is the sister product to the Azalea Q-Zip, but although the Darla Sleeveless Zip is similar to the Azalea Polo, it offers a few additional features. Apart from the obvious lack of sleeves, the Darla also features a quarter zip and an 80% polyester/20% spandex blend for added mobility.

The Darla Sleeveless Zipper – $89

The Condi Q-Zip – $114

Rhoback The Bobby Quarter Zip

The Bobby Q-Zip (Rhoback)

Price: $124 & $128

Information: The Dogwood and the Bobby are perfect for your morning 18 or evening social activity. Wicking like all Rhoback Quarter Zips, and featuring the company’s premier sport fit, these impeccably named Masters tributes are soft, comfortable and easy on the eyes.

Dogwood – $124

The Bobby – $128

Rhoback Amen Hoodie

Amen Hoodie (Rhoback)

Price: $98

Information: The most subtle element of the Azalea collection, the Amen hoodie is designed for all activities. Master green with yellow drawstrings for easy closure, the Amen Hoodie will keep you warm, dry and comfortable in all your activities.

Amen Hoodie – $98

Polo Rhoback Speedwalk

The Speedwalk polo shirt (Rhoback)

Price: $89

What do you want to know: On or off, on the course or in the restaurant, the Speedwalk Polo is the intersection of performance and style. Like the Azalea polo, the Speedwalk uses moisture-wicking technology to keep you cool under pressure, and four-way stretch for maximum movement. If you really want to make a family statement, check out the Lil Speedwalk Polo Shirt. Tag-free, extra soft, and machine washable, the Lil Speedwalk Polo Shirt can help you and your little one look their best for Masters Week.

The Speedwalk Polo – $89

The Little Speedwalk Polo – $49

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