The Queen has worn the same shoes for 50 years with ten pairs in rotation

The Queen has worn the same shoes for 50 years and they even have their own staff. Her Majesty will have someone wear them usually.

The Queen employs someone with the same shoe size as her to wear the shoes. A designated footman is then said to air the shoes on a shoe tree, before polishing them and storing them individually in silk or cotton drawstring bags.

Angela Kelly, the Queen’s trusted dresser and close friend, spoke about the Queen’s favorite shoes. She wrote about it in the 2019 book: “The other side of the coin: the queen, the chest of drawers and the wardrobe”.

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Ms Kelly wrote: ‘As has been widely reported in the press, a lackey wears Her Majesty’s shoes to ensure they are comfortable and she is always ready to go, and yes I am that lackey .” She continued: “The Queen has very little time for herself and no time to wear her own shoes, and since we share the same shoe size it makes more sense that way.”

The Queen buys them from Anello and Davide in London, with up to TEN pairs in rotation. One of the Queen’s shoemakers once said, “We supply one or two pairs a year and occasionally change tops and heels. The queen does not waste money.

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