The new purple M&M candies are not available in the regular peanut bag


M&M’s is once again making news with the introduction of its new purple candy, which is the first female peanut and also the brand’s first new character in a decade.

But, the new mouthpiece comes with a twist because it can’t be found in your usual bag of peanuts.

Thanks to the eccentricity of purple peanut M&Ms and a defined style, candy lovers are absolutely obsessed with her. But, the new character is literally a feast for your eyes only.

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M&M’s presents the new character

According to M&M’s Global Vice President Jane Hwang, Purple had been in the works for a long time and it was finally introduced by M&M’s to her team to reflect the world we live in.

The Purple Peanut was introduced to the world with her own song, I’m Just Gonna Be Me and the video is now available to stream on various platforms.

She is believed to be a representation of inclusion as described by the parent company.

The Mars press release states, “Designed to represent acceptance and inclusivity, our newest member is known for her sincere self-expression. Self-awareness, authenticity and confidence drive Purple’s charm and quirky nature. “

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Purple Candies are not available in Peanut Packets

Before you get your hopes up, let us make it clear that Purple won’t be available in your regular Peanuts pack.

Its creation is purely for campaign and advertising purposes only. So you might still find the new purple M&M candy in stores and on its packaging, but not inside with other peanuts.

Hence, it is called the “spokecandy” because the brand focuses more on characters than edible candies.

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Twitter has a lot to say

M&M’s and their evolution have always managed to generate a lot of reactions. Similarly, Purple also became the center of discussion on Twitter after its introduction.

A Tweeted: “@mmschocolate just announced that there is now a purplem&m now M&M’s candy colors completely finished”

“Why introduce a purple M&M character on packaging and advertisements without including them in the packaging? introduce the purple M&M’s as real candies in packs, please. I know I can’t be the only one who wants this.” added another one.

A Tweet Lily: “M&M’s unveiled its first-ever women’s M&M PEANUT. Her ethnicity is purple. According to Mars Chocolate; “She’s purple. She’s peanut. And she’s not wearing high heel shoes. I smell a green and purple catfight Giggity.

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