The Logitech G Aurora Collection serves as PC gaming accessories for the rest of us

Logitech’s Aurora Collection primarily consists of five new Logitech products that were designed from the ground up to be gender-neutral. New products introduced include Logitech G735 Wireless Gaming Headset, G715 and G713 Mechanical Gaming Keyboards, and G705 Wireless Gaming Mouse. The fifth product is a revamped variant of the popular Blue Yeti USB microphone in two new colorways. Along with these, Logitech also launched a set of eight accessories that would appeal to a wider audience. These new accessories include a cloud-shaped palm rest, a heart-shaped carrying case, ear cushions, boom mics and mouse pads with new designs.

The G735 Wireless Gaming Headset comes in a White Mist color option; it supports RGB lighting as well as advanced features such as dual on-ear audio mixing and Blue Voice microphone technology that allows users to modulate the player’s voice directly from the headset. The G735 was also designed to better fit people with smaller heads. The model has a 56-hour battery life and features Logitech’s exclusive Lightspeed wireless technology and Bluetooth support. The Logitech G735 will set users back $229.99.

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