The Leeds clothing store with a hilarious message on the very Yorkshire answering machine

If you call a well-known clothing store in Leeds, you might be surprised to hear the barmy very Yorkshire answering machine message set up on their telephone line. The funny expressions and phrases from the goofy Yorkshire voice brought a few smiles and laughs around our office.

Blue Rinse has some eye-catching vintage clothing shops on Call Lane in Leeds city centre. It’s hard to ignore the bright blue storefronts, with their large funky sign, Georgian columns and mannequin in shades of glasses and a beret.

Turns out, the loud and bold design carries over to the message of its store answering machine. A member of staff with a heavy Yorkshire accent can be heard telling callers to ‘open both ears’ as they walk them through various options.

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He goes on to say that callers need to “reevaluate” if they can’t find an option to press at the end of the message, because “you’re beyond help.” There are plenty of Yorkshire expressions and colloquialisms to enjoy.

Blue Rinse has two stores in Call Lane, Leeds city center

Blue Rinse’s answering machine message reads: “Now you guys are on the Blue Rinse hotline.

“Please open both ears and listen carefully so you can select the right option.

“Please press option 1, for wholesale and general enquiries.

“Press option two, to go through the Leeds shop.

“Press option three to call our Manchester store.

“Press option four to go through the accounts department.

“And press option five to speak to someone in our Eee-bay department.

“Press option six to speak to these lovely ladies at our loving youth dealerships.

“Okay, if you’ve come this far and haven’t selected an option yet, then my friend, you’re beyond help. Please hang up the phone and re-evaluate. you, thank you. Goodbye.”

The truth behind the answering machine message

Blue Rinse opens new store in Leeds city center
Blue Rinse opens new store in Leeds city center

You can listen to the recording in the video above, so there’s no need to call the store’s hotline, which they say is a premium rate number.

Blue Rinse boss Andy Swain said: “We were on a fun day trip to Wet and Wild in South Shields [about five years ago] and had to phone our Leeds store due to a minor emergency caused by a broken bottle of fish sauce. After the call ended, we started tossing around fun ideas for answering machine messages and agreed that a goofy Yorkshire accent would be most appropriate.

“The voice is that of ex-team member Simon Craig Ashton who at the time was doing a part-time GCSE in theatre. He’s amazing at the accents, you should hear his Compare the Meerkat and Borat impersonations.

“Nearly everyone who calls mentions it, which Simon would have liked. We’ve had a few complaints, but only from people who realize it’s a premium rate number.”

What do you think of the barmy answering machine message on the Blue Rinse hotline? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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