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American diplomats are complicit in the murder of an American citizen – Shireen Abu Akleh.

I know that. You know. They know that. And, of course, the Palestinians know that.

American diplomats will never publicly admit that they are complicit in the murder of a fellow American by an Israeli soldier on May 11, 2022. But that is what they are – after-the-fact accomplices.

If delicate State Department officials are offended, or worse, outraged, by my indictment — tough. I am offended and outraged that an Al Jazeera reporter was shot in the head for doing her job and that her killer will not only get away with it, but has been famous by giddy, flag-draped religious fanatics as “heroes” for the murder of a Palestinian.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken and his conniving company never intended to fulfill their duty as diplomats – to protect, defend and obtain ‘justice’ for a US citizen who was shot in the head by killers in fatigues working for a foreign power.

Instead, Blinken and the corporate accomplice did what American diplomats have always done when Israel deports, imprisons, tortures, shoots and bombs innocent people again and again in occupied Palestine – protect and defend an apartheid state. again and again, no matter how heavy or how big. of his guilt.

As a corollary to this, from the moment Abu Akleh was shot in the head by an Israeli soldier and left face down in a ditch, US diplomats, including Secretary Blinken, participated in a sick but predictable pantomime .

I know that. You know. They know that. And, of course, the Palestinians know that.

American diplomats, including Secretary Blinken, will never publicly admit it either. But that’s what they did from May 11 to today. They pretended to care – hand on heart – about who murdered Abu Akleh and used the immense power and influence of the US government to detain the killer of a US citizen whom they were solemnly bound to protect and defend for a tangible account.

We have witnessed a poor performance by deceitful diplomats who know how to lie with such ease and seriousness.

It’s clear to anyone outside of the Ivy League careerists who populate “Foggy Bottom,” that Blinken and his conniving company do not view Abu Akleh as an American citizen worthy of their time, energy, or interest.

She was, after all, also a Palestinian. American diplomats have always viewed Palestinians – girls and boys, women and men, journalists and laborers – as consumable and forgettable human fodder.

I know that. You know. They know that. And, of course, the Palestinians know it.

As a proper measure, I suppose, of how expendable and forgettable Shireen Abu Akleh was, American diplomats, including Secretary Blinken, reduced the established and incriminating circumstances of his murder to an enigmatic three paragraphs. Footnote In Monday.

The footnote is brimming with yet more state-sanctioned evasions and lies delivered with the official seal imprimatur of the State Department.

The first escape involves the bullet that pierced Abu Akleh’s skull.

On July 2, Al Jazeera reported that the Palestinian Authority (PA) had “handed over” the bullet to “American forensic experts” for examination after receiving “guarantees” that Israel would not be involved in the analysis.

Two days later, Blinken and his accomplice company wrote, “After an extremely detailed forensic analysis, independent third-party reviewers, through a process overseen by the United States Security Coordinator (USSC), could not come to a definitive conclusion regarding the origin of the bullet…[because] the ball was badly damaged, which prevented a clear conclusion.

How convenient.

Blinken and the conniving company did not provide any details on who performed the “extremely detailed forensic analysis,” where the “extremely detailed forensic analysis” was performed, or what constitutes “extremely detailed forensic analysis.” extremely detailed legal document”.

Guess we’re obligated, at this point at least, to believe Blinken and his accomplice on this deadly score.

I do not know. You should not.

My doubts about the sincerity of the “extremely detailed forensic analysis” were confirmed when a copy of the “extremely detailed forensic analysis” was not attached to the footnote of three paragraphs.

What an instructive shame, that.

The identity, experience and expertise of those who conducted the “independent third-party analysis” have been kept secret by Blinken and an accomplice company. The unnecessary secrecy only aggravates my deep doubts about the questionable integrity – to put it charitably – of the so-called “extremely detailed forensic analysis”.

Anyway, despite the AP’s act of good faith, could anyone in the United States – working on behalf of Blinken and a complicit company – be considered an “independent third party” then that Israel is involved in another horrible crime?

Agnes Callamard, secretary general of Amnesty International, was right when she dismissed the “extremely detailed forensic analysis” as, in fact, a hastily cobbled together piece of exculpatory guts.

“I suspect it took the key parties longer to agree on the wording of the statement than it did to investigate the murder,” she said. tweeted.

Israeli human rights group B’Tselem was as blunt as it was correct when it described the “extremely detailed forensic analysis” as a “US-backed Israeli whitewash”.

Blinken and his accomplice company discovered that while it was “likely” that the bullet that killed Abu Akleh was fired “from IDF positions”, this protected soldier was not aiming to shoot the Palestinian American journalist in the face because she wore a helmet and a body. armor marked PRESS in large bold white type.

No. His sudden and violent death was a “tragic” by-product of the world’s most moral army repelling Palestinian “terrorists” who were far from where Abu Akleh was standing in Jenin that morning.

Blinken and his complicit company insist they arrived at their reality-defying ‘conclusions’ after reviewing what the Israelis said happened and what the Palestinians said happened. had happened.

Now, who did Blinken and his conniving company side with? Surprise! The Israelis.

Their three-paragraph exoneration from America’s best friend in the Middle East is a near-textual facsimile of the former Israeli government’s shifting “explanations” of what happened in Jenin at the start of May 11.

Stripped of the bureaucratic embroidery, taken together, various Israeli “senior officials” said the following: OK. Maybe he was shot. By the way, we found the gun used to shoot him. It’s in Israel. But we didn’t want to shoot him. There were terrorists in Jenin. We are not terrorists. Either way, she got in the way. It’s war”. It’s tragic. Too bad, so sad.

Apparently, Blinken and his conniving company were so convinced by Israel’s bankrupt and false version of events, that they either didn’t bother to read or outright dismissed the exhaustive reporting by several state-based news agencies. United States, largely pro-Israel, which determined that the shot that killed Abu Akleh was fired from where Israeli special forces were firing.

Unlike Blinken and his accomplice, the UN, CNNthe Washington Postthe Associated press – and belatedly, and no doubt reluctantly, the New York Times – pointed the finger at Israel as the sole culprit and perpetrator.

None of this mattered because, to Blinken and his conniving company, the life and death of Abu Akleh did not matter.

What matters is President Joe Biden’s next trip to Saudi Arabia and Israel – with a cursory stopover in the West Bank – next week.

The thorny case of Abu Akleh’s murder had to be settled. Blinken and accomplice company believe they have dealt with it in three miserable paragraphs.

They are wrong.

I know that. You know. And, of course, the Palestinians know that.

Soon, President Biden will remember that too.

The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the editorial position of Al Jazeera.

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