The 6 Best Vacuum Storage Bags for Clothes

My friends from the 90s will remember it well, as with OxiClean, Comfortersand this infomercial about an incoherent bear named Muzzy who wanted to teach your kids French, Space Bags was hammered into our brains as the best way to “triple your closet space” by the perky lady who sold them on TV. Which was cool, if you care about closets (we didn’t yet) or like how vacuums magically suck air out of plastic bags and have a Honey, I reduced the children even on the bulkiest garments. It was tight.

My mother eat those 2000s infomercials and passed on the habit — those suckers don’t just work, they’re borderline cathartic when it comes time for spring cleaning. Take it from someone who’s been sucking their clothes into thin, stackable piles for over a decade: Watching your chunky knit sweaters and winter puffer jackets seal tighter than astronaut ice cream is an incredible feeling, and that makes you want ultimately, for once, life has let you cheat a bit. (It was a long winter.)

Now that we are fully functioning adults with bed frames, we’re obsessed with vacuum shrinking our clothes to the gods. We’d kill for more storage, because most of us live with sloppy, sprawling roommates (or you are that roommate), or live in railroad apartments where built-in storage is a precious commodity. When Sun Ra said “space is where” he was actually talking about our closets, man.

Luckily, there are more options than ever for vacuum storage bags, from travel-sized vacuum bags to kits that come with their own hand-operated air pump, just in case you’re a ruby ​​who doesn’t own a vacuum. ‘vacuum cleaner (if so, please try this one for $61; it saved my head). And don’t worry, vacuum-sealing your clothes won’t damage them. On the contrary. It will save them from hungry moths, musty smells and smoke, and most importantly, give you back the space you deserve to brew moonshine or hard cider– in your closet.

Here are some of the best-selling vacuum bags on the internet, from hanging bags to jumbo wrappers, so you can stop stuffing and start vacuuming.

Baby’s first vacuum storage bags

Are you new here? Next, you will need a five-variety pack from an approved brand such as Ziplockwhich comes with its signature slide lock (not given for every vacuum bag!) so you can seal the bag tight before vacuuming it skyward.

$19.99 at Bed bath and beyond

$19.99 at Bed bath and beyond

Amazon is also the first slinger of these suckers, and one of their best-selling kits is to space saver. “I was desperate for more storage space and decided to give this product a shot,” writes one reviewer of the six-bag kit, which has an average rating of 4.5 stars on over 48,000 reviews, “bags are made of thick materials, quality plastic [and] very easy to seal […] I have a lot more room and my winter clothes are stored safely and beautifully.

$39.99 at Amazon

You’d rather hang up your clothes

Can you imagine how much space you would have in your wardrobe if your clothes weren’t sandwiched by your winter down jackets? TAILIHanging vacuum sealed bags have over 3,000 reviews on Amazon, with customers praising everything from the quality material to their ability to hang five garments in one bag. “I don’t need to fold my seasonal clothes [anymore]“, writes a customer, “just suspend, compress, vacuum, it’s done! »

$21.99 at Amazon

The Best Travel Size Vacuum Storage Bags

“These work great!” writes a review of these travel size vacuum storage bags. “The vacuum pump too […] can store five [women’s] jackets or four big, [men’s] jackets in ONE bag. Long bags are also suitable for my dress.

$2:44 p.m. at Amazon

You are ready for the great variety packs

We love people like you. If you’re ready to use your vacuum bags, order a variety pack from Amazon or Wayfair which will give you the strongest and most durable bags in a variety of sizes. Wayfair’s kit comes with 12 bags, ranging from their “Jumbo Size” bags (100 x 80 centimeters) to their smallest size (60 x 40 centimeters) which is perfect for storing woolen socks and hats.

$77.99$74.99 at Wayfair

Amazon’s Hibag kit also has tons of varieties, including these hanging bags, in its 14-bag set, earning a 4.5-star rating and over 23,000 reviews. “Oh my God, those things are a lifesaver!!” writes a fan. “I’m preparing to move across the country with just a small trailer to tow, so space is limited. These bags allowed me to pack clothes, towels, bedding and pillows into such a ridiculously small space. Imagine what that could do for your closet, mate.

$28.99 at Amazon

Now have fun pirouetting around all this new space.

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