Teacher sexually abused underage girls, wandered through village wearing garland of shoes and slippers

Rashi: In a shocking incident, a teacher was paraded by villagers in Khasjamda, West Singhbhum district. It is alleged that the teacher sexually abused underage girls by showing them obscene videos. Currently, the guilty teacher has been handed over to the police by the villagers.

The case is that of the reverse government secondary school of Khasjamda. It is alleged that Prem Kumar, a teacher studying here, forcibly sexually abuses underage girls by showing obscene videos. On top of that, the criminal teacher was beaten by a dozen women from Jamda Basti residents and the village women’s organization Livelihood. Then he was garlanded with shoes and slippers. At the same time, the vessel blackened on the face of the teacher was taken to Badajamda market while he was walking around Jamda Basti and handed over to the district police station.

In this incident, a resident of Jamda Basti and the women’s organization said that the teacher Prem Kumar used to show obscene videos while forcing underage girls who studied in the school for a few days to sit on his bench. He also used to do lewd acts with the students. When the student went to defecate, he forced his way into the toilet. When they resisted, he beat the girls. They further stated that when many girls complained about the incident to their families, the women in the settlement became furious. After that, while assaulting Professor Prem Kumar, he wore a garland of shoes and slippers and blackened his face. The victimized students demanded appropriate punishment for the guilty teacher and also wrote a letter to the deputy district commissioner. At the same time, the police also began to investigate the whole matter.

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