TASCAM, Player Wear Partner for the collection of clothing, hats and accessories

TASCAM announced its new line of Player Wear wearables. Designed to enhance the creative passion that so many musicians, songwriters, podcasters and other enthusiasts exhibit, the new Player Wear line is a comprehensive collection of apparel, hats, bags and related items, all carrying the unmistakable “state of spirit” illustrating all that is TASCAM.

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Using an array of colors commonly associated with TASCAM and its products, the TASCAM Player Wear line of accessories was developed in partnership with Player Wear of Clearwater, FL. This is a group of “must have” products that TASCAM users will want to avail themselves of. Customers will find shirts in a variety of styles, women’s tops, hats, children’s clothing, backpacks and bags, as well as an impressive assortment of accessories such as steel water bottles stainless steel, iPhone cases and coffee mugs. Even better, the various logos include not only the TASCAM name, but also cassettes, open-reel recorders, headphones, and more.


(Image credit: TASCAM)

“The Player Wear team has worked closely with TASCAM to help develop a line of clothing and accessories that captures the essence of creativity typical of TASCAM users,” said Kelly Manning, co-founder of Player Wear. . “Our shared goal is to have the TASCAM Player Wear Store connect with designers who have relied on TASCAM for five decades.”

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“TASCAM has played an important role in the lives of so many creative people capturing sound or composing hit songs,” said Joe Stopka, Vice President of TASCAM. “To express TASCAM pride, we thought it would be fun for our fans to enjoy our iconic brand on great apparel and accessories.

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