Tamara Mellon Pillow Top Review 2021: The Most Comfortable Party Shoes


After so many months in slippers and sneakers, we have all felt it. “It’s” the apprehension that comes from dressing again in heels. Whether you’re going to a holiday party, birthday party, or just a little extra back to the office, “it” happens.

Even shoe designer Tamara Mellon felt the same reluctance to ever revisit her heel collection. “During the Covid, sitting at home during the lockdown, I thought, how am i going to put my foot back in a heel?” she says BAZAAR.com. Instead of pivoting his luxury brand towards sneakers, thank goodness Mellon came up with a comfort-focused update for his party shoes: The Pillow Top, a collection of heels, sandals and mules with soles. in memory foam.

The Pillow Top shoes have mattress-quality material and an evocative name on their side, but are they as comfortable as they look? Read on for my honest review of the Tamara Mellon Cushion Top Shoe Collection and whether you should try it for yourself.


Each Pillow Top shoe has 8mm memory foam cushions on the sole: one on the ball of the foot and one on the instep. Ideally, this foam molds to the wearer’s foot with each outfit while maintaining its shape.

Design came to Mellon by sitting in his Eames chair, another object renowned for its blend of comfort and high design.

“Being a woman and creating for women, I don’t just think of the allure of the shelves and having something that looks like a beautiful sculpture in your closet,” Mellon explained to me before my Pillow test. Top. “It’s important to me, but what’s also important to me is how you feel on your body.”

Heels have never been a first choice for comfort, relegating them to the back of the closet when the going gets tough. “I think what the women who said they would never wear heels again were actually saying, ‘I don’t want to be in pain anymore,'” observed Mellon.

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Tamara Mellon’s factories worked on several versions of the Pillow Top to stamp out all of the pain-inducing qualities of a typical heel, which Mellon each tested in her home. To match the feel of the memory foam sole throughout the shoe, the designers removed the irritating linings and reshaped the supple leather straps. Memory foam also helps shoes maintain their shape.

“In the end, I think we found something very beautiful,” Mellon said, “because I didn’t want to lose the beauty of wearing a heel too. I wanted it to be cool, stylish and sophisticated. . ”


I’m more of a Chelsea boot girl than a heel collector, but I jumped at the chance to try on the Pillow Top shoes. I wear a size 40 1/2 shoe and have wider than average feet so comfortable heels have always been a rarity in my size.

Tamara Mellon sent me two pairs of Pillow Top: the Satellite mule and the Solar 65 heel. I gave each style a dedicated first try, where I wore them for a full evening with a lot of walking.

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The Satellite mule was more of an instant fit, thanks to its slip-on design. But I have to put it back to the Solar heel: before I had a chance to really walk in the shoes, I noticed that the ankle and toe straps weren’t digging into my feet like other styles often do. .

I took out both shoes for semi-casual dinners with friends (parties are rare until the end of the month). The cushions felt soft, but supportive from my first walk to the metro until the last blocks before heading home. None of the pressure I usually feel on the sole of my foot was present at any time.

The quality of the shoes kept improving with the passing nights. I was still waiting for the moment in the evening when I would lose the sensation in my toes or feel the slow rise of a blister on my instep. Neither happened, with both shoes. With a thick cushion under both feet, I felt like I could stay up all night if I wanted to. I also complimented the jewel-colored velvet and the subtle crystal embellishments and then had the pleasure of mentioning that these shoes are comfortable as well.

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To complete each test, I reflected on how my feet would feel after removing them when I got home. Was there a big sigh of relief? Do you want to bury these shoes at the bottom of my closet? Signs of pinching or cuts? No, no and no. For once my feet weren’t aching and the shoe looked just as pretty as it was in the box.


Pillow Top shoes start at around $ 400 and go up from there. If you are investing in a pair, it should be a pair that you will wear often.

Comparing my cushions to the rare heels I wore back in the day, my answer is yes, they are worth it. These shoes look as good as they offer good support: in two to three uses per style, the Pillow Top’s memory foam conforms perfectly to my foot for an all-night wear.

People who want a Birkenstock experience in their high heels may prefer to stick with the flats or try the sandal editions of Pillow Top, which I haven’t had a chance to test. It always takes a little time to get used to the height of a heel and the pressure it puts on the forefoot, regardless of the cushioning of the sole. In Pillow Top defense, tying 100mm sandal heels will never be exactly like slipping on a sheepskin slipper. (Unless there are scientific breakthroughs yet to be heralded in shoe design to come.)

With all the design cues and upcoming wedding dates taken into account, I consider the Tamara Mellon Pillow Tray to be an investment that makes dressing up that much nicer again. These are the only heels I can stand on without wanting to sit back down in a matter of minutes.

My only persistent request? I would like to see more Pillow Top cushions in everyday styles, please. In our brave new world that is slowly opening up, I want this level of comfort for more than special occasions.

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