Taking off your shoes indoors: “A house should be a home, not a centerpiece”

A listener thinks a house should be a home, not a centerpiece when it comes to comfort.

Ger in Clare was responding to a question about whether to ask people to take their shoes off at other people’s homes.

He said noon live this is going too far.

“My first wife had OCD and used to clean the house from top to bottom and brush the carpets in one direction and all that.

“But as far as taking off the shoes, it’s a no-no.

“A house should be a house and not a centerpiece”.

“Sure, it can be a tidy house…but I think you shouldn’t have to live in a way that you care where you walk, where you stand, where you sit.

“It’s just unreasonable in my book.”

A woman walking down the stairs in her slippers. Photo by: Tom Viggars / Alamy Stock Photo

Patrick in Co Mayo says it’s something he’s used to.

“I think it’s now – I’m married to a Japanese girl, so we wouldn’t wear shoes at all at home.

“They’re just slippers.

“When I lived in Japan, I found it a bit unusual at first…but you get used to it after a while.

“But it’s great, your floors are always clean.

“We don’t have carpet at all, but there are no shoes at the door anymore.

“We bought a bunch of cheap slippers from IKEA – 10 sizes small, 10 sizes large…so you have a bunch of slippers that you can hand out to people when they come in.”

Another listener, Susan, says it’s not a problem for her.

“I have a light gray carpet and I don’t allow anyone to go upstairs with their shoes on.

“I take mine off… when people see you take them off, they take them off.

“My grandson walks in with his friends and they all take off their shoes and [there’s] never a whisper, they don’t mind.

“I just said it once – ‘Remember now, you all have to take your shoes off to go up the stairs – and that was it.’

Main image: Close-up of a woman’s feet wearing slippers at home. Photo by: Antonio Guillem / Alamy Stock Photo

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