Sustainable lingerie shop in Loddon is planning a range of clothes

3:49 pm March 8, 2022

A sustainable lingerie company is getting better and better by offering unique products in the market.

Rosie Musgrave, 33, opened Beautifully Buxom in Loddon, Norfolk, in July 2021.

Its current range of loungewear has an ethos of sustainability with one size fitting multiple sizes of women, which also appeals to women with fluctuating heights.

Miss Musgrave is now looking to branch out into clothing and underwear ranges, working with local businesses and UK manufacturers.

Although a relatively new business, she appreciated the local support for the business.

Rosie Musgrave, owns Beautifully Buxom in Loddon.
– Credit: Beautifully Buxom

She said: “The inspiration behind starting the business was because I struggled to find a good candidate for years and saw a gap in the market.

“I used to work for Ann Summers and after years of working with clients I realized they had the same issues as well.

“So I decided to take a risk and start my own business just out of frustration with the gap in the market.”


Miss Musgrave was able to work with local businesses and women.
– Credit: Beautifully Buxom

Like any new business, Miss Musgrave faced a slow start to things due to the economic effects of Covid.

But her business is growing more and more as she plans to launch future lines of underwear.

Miss Musgrave also does freelance bra fittings for local women who come from all over Norfolk and Suffolk, as well as home visits for women unable to make it to the store in Loddon.

some products

It is planned to expand the product range.
– Credit: Beautifully Buxom

“My business is unique because I work with local businesses to design products, local women and a manufacturer based in Wales,” she said.

“Many of the women who work for me have already been laid off by companies and they have a lot of experience, which is great.

“I like to point out that the company is all-inclusive, for women of all sizes and shapes who can celebrate and embrace their bodies by wearing my products.

“My goal for the future is to continue to meet the challenges of running a small business and to see it through.

“The various future ranges are all in the works, so for any woman considering buying and investing in a sustainability-focused business, look no further.”

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