Suits and matching accessories are the star trends for fall 2022, says Heuritech – WWD

PARIS – As masks come off in European capitals, it may seem like the COVID-19 pandemic almost never happened, but a sense of impending doom emerged from the fall 2022 runways, Heuritech said during a press conference. a debriefing of its trends report.

The French tech company tapped into social media and runway images to distill trends that emerged during fashion month, which kicked off in Copenhagen on February 1 and ended in Paris on March 8. She also highlighted key fall 2021 ideas that filtered heavily into street style shots.

Suiting has become the undisputed winning trend for fall 2022, the Heuritech report says, noting that brands have flocked to it, playing with proportions, fabrication and prints.

According to the firm’s algorithms, the “dopaminergic dressing” of past seasons with acid shades is over, here is the “disturbing elegance” seen throughout the fashion capitals.

In Copenhagen, a form of understated elegance dominated with tailored trousers and classic blouses capturing the lion’s share of runway looks, accounting for 22% of all trouser looks and 25% of all runway looks, respectively. parades. Unlike other cities, flowers were also strongly represented.

For New York, the take-out trend was belted jackets, which gave an hourglass figure, and leggings, which, “after two years [of pandemic, felt] like a bridge between very comfortable clothes and this very fitted suit,” said fashion analyst Amélie Rotsen.

Trench coats and miniskirts will be big in London, she continued, highlighting how the former made a classic silhouette, while the latter became a breakout trend, reaching 54% of all skirts in the British capital.

As for Paris, tailored pants and plaid prints were strongly present as brands shifted to suiting, according to Heuritech’s calculations. There was also a significant amount of strapless dresses, just like London.

As for the fashionable ensemble, the report highlighted the penetration of trends in street imagery, such as fur, quilting and kelly green. This bold hue, which started to rise after Bottega Veneta unveiled its Spring 2021, has continued to rise, becoming a prominent color in Fall 2021.

The company predicts it will continue to do so for fall 2022, estimating that this green will see a 25% increase — a rarity for a trend, where single-digit changes will already indicate significant shifts, noted the director of Fashion and Design Julia Pont after the presentation. .

Analyzing the fall 2022 trends, fashion curator and trend analyst Jenna McFeely highlighted “dressing apocalyptic” with her key shapes of shoulders, corsets and maxi coats, a shape she explained was a “safe bet” item for a fall 2022 collection given it’s expected to remain popular on social media. Other trends include “normcore reloaded,” with its heavy focus on staple wardrobe options, denim and leather; “light academia”, for a nostalgic youthful aesthetic mixing sportswear and tailoring, and “cloudwear”, which encompasses voluminous and comforting shapes and textures.

When it comes to accessories, matching their hues or textures to one’s clothes is definitely the way to go next fall, the report points out.

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