Siblings allege money was hidden in her shoes, RT office worker commits suicide, Deputy Transport Commissioner Sindhu of Mananthavady

Sindhu’s brothers, PA Jose and Noble, said many of her colleagues did not speak to her and often conversed with her through written notes.


Mananthavady: The siblings of Sindhu, a senior employee at Mananthavady sub-regional transport office who committed suicide, alleged that some other officers tried to trap her in a corruption case by hiding money in her shoes. Sindhu’s brothers, PA Jose and Noble, said many of her colleagues alienated her, refused to speak to her, and often spoke to her through written notes. Their statements were handed over to Deputy Commissioner for Transport (North Zone) R Rajeev.

The Deputy Transport Commissioner arrived at Sindhu’s home in Ellumandam and the sub-regional transport office in Mananthavady as part of the department-level investigation. Statements from Wayanad RTO E Mohandas and Mananthavady Joint RTO Vinod Krishna were recorded earlier.

The commissioner arrived at the sub-regional transport office around 10 a.m. and the recording of the depositions lasted nearly seven hours. The statements of 11 agents, excluding AMVI and part-time road sweepers, were recorded. Junior Superintendent Ajithakumari, who was suspended from her job for 15 days over allegations, also arrived at the office on Friday to deliver her statement.

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