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We’re always on the hunt for stylish and practical bags that won’t break the bank, and TikTok’s latest obsession has us really excited. It’s hard to scroll through the app without seeing the Uniqlo Mini Round Shoulder Bag ($20) getting some serious love. And the best part? It’s just $20!

With over 29.3 million views for #uniqlobag on TikTok, the miracle accessory not only has a cool and laid-back vibe, but it also shows perfectly when function meets fashion. The soft nylon fabric means you can slip into it so much it gives us Mary Poppins vibes. TikTokers were keen to show off just how much they can squeeze into the seemingly compact bag, with snacks, water bottles, headphones and phone chargers pulled from inside.


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Available in black, cream and brown for those who want neutral tones that go with everything or dark green, blue and red if you want to give your outfit a pop of color, this must-have bag is guaranteed to become your most versatile bag. purchase of the season. Perfect for a day trip to the pumpkin patch or exploring the city on a weekend, this viral fashion accessory is proof you don’t need to spend big on a stylish update .

While the Uniqlo Mini Round Shoulder Bag ($20) sits high on your waist, the rounded design conforms to your body to make it even more comfortable. Store all your essentials inside and you’re ready for a season of socializing.

Uniqlo mini round shoulder bag

Uniqlo mini round shoulder bag

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