“Shark Tank”: No Limbits gets two sharks in the bag and a $100,000 contract

For people with disabilities, normal clothes are not easy to wear. But that’s what No Limbits hopes to solve, as it combines function and fashion, all aimed at people with reduced mobility. According to the brand’s website, it’s adaptive clothing “created for amputees, wheelchair users, and people with limited dexterity and sensory sensitivities.”

With No Limitibits entering the ‘Shark Tank’, it now all came down to whether the brand could strike a deal with Mark Cuban, Kevin O’Leary, Robert Herjavec, Lori Greiner or Emma Grede.

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Erica Cole entered hoping to win a $100,000 bid for a 6% stake in her company, No Limbits. Although Erica had a thriving career, her accident changed her life. This eventually led her to create No Limbits and tap into a $2.6 million marketplace to meet the needs of people with disabilities.

She’s also drafting a template for her crotch zipper design, and while it had a $14 acquisition cost on Facebook, she’s also reaching out to the healthcare system for the use to promote their brand. After making $41,000 in presales, the brand is now nationwide and all the sharks have been deeply impressed with it. In the end, Grede wasted no time in being the one to express her strong interest in striking a deal with Mark Cuban.

They offered $100,000 for 12%, which Cole countered with 10% instead. Grede and Cuban agreed, and Cole was surprised but how quickly it all happened. Fans were thrilled to see her bag a deal. “No Limbits, congrats Erica best wishes, congrats Mark and Emma #SharkTank,” one fan tweeted. “Yay!! We have a deal. It’s a good feel-good story #SharkTank,” added another. “Yo. This. Woman. On. Shark. Tank. Just. Changed. My. Life. #Limbits #SharkTank #Thatsthetweet,” one fan said. “I’m so glad Limbits made a deal! What a great idea to help so many people #SharkTank,” said one fan.

“Shark Tank” Season 13 Episode 18 airs on ABC on April 1, 2022 at 8 p.m. ET. Watch the latest episode featuring products like Apollo, No Limbits, Umaro and FORT.

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