Scary Moment Husband Who Murdered Bride On Wedding Night Takes Bag With Body Inside

This is the chilling moment a husband drags his wife’s corpse in a suitcase after murdering her on their wedding night in England.

Thomas Nutt, 46, punched and strangled Dawn Walker before stuffing her body into a crate and dumping her in a field, The sun reported.

Bradford Crown Court heard how the newlywed brutally killed his wife on their wedding night, hours after tying the knot on October 27 last year.

He first hid his wife’s body in a closet in their house, before breaking her leg so he could put it in the holster which he then hid in some bushes.

CCTV footage released by West Yorkshire Police shows Nutt dragging Dawn out of their home in the case.

He can later be seen returning to the garden to try and cover the wheel tracks in the mud.

Another clip shows Dawn – still in her wedding dress – returning from the pub with Nutt where they had celebrated their nuptials.

It was the last time Dawn was seen alive outside their home in Lightcliffe, near Halifax, in the north of England.

After killing his wife, Nutt continued to lie to her family, blamed her disappearance on her sanity, sent them fake messages supposedly from her, and convinced her youngest daughter to help her try to find her, knowing that she was dead.

He had also controlled his 52-year-old victim for years and isolated her from family members, her sister told the court.

Sentencing him to life in prison, Judge Jonathan Rose told him: “Dawn Walker died because you are a bully, used to getting along with women, used to controlling and manipulating women and used to using your advantage of considerable size to inflict violence. on women if you deem it necessary.

Nutt told police he and Dawn honeymooned in Skegness the day after their wedding, but the judge said there was no evidence to support that claim.

Judge Rose said the killer instead “desecrated” her body by breaking bones to fit her in the suitcase.

The victim’s daughter, Kiera-Lee Guest, told the court that Nutt put up Halloween decorations in the house even as Ms Walker died.

Ms Guest said Nutt knew what he had done when she went from place to place with a photo of her mother, asking if people had seen her.

She said, “Justice will be served for my mother-in-law.”

Ms Walker’s sister Lisa said Nutt manipulated his victim and isolated him from his family for three years ‘before his unholy hands took him away from us forever’.

Lisa Walker told the court: “I mourn my sister who suffered so much and felt like she had no one to turn to because this man made her feel worthless.”

Alistair MacDonald QC, prosecuting, said the crime was made worse by the way Nutt cheated on his family after the murder, causing them “psychological damage”, he said.

Stephen Wood QC, defending, said there was no evidence Nutt intended to kill his wife and it was “spontaneous”.

Nutt admitted manslaughter but was convicted of murder.

After the judge handed down a life sentence with a minimum sentence of 21 years, a woman in the public gallery shouted, “Thank you, Your Honor, thank you.

In a statement read in court, Dawn’s eldest daughter Codie said: ‘The loss of our mother, sister, daughter, nanny and aunt had a huge impact on our lives.

“There are no words to describe how we feel every day, waking up knowing what this person did to her is truly heartbreaking for all of us.

“We will have to live with his actions for the rest of our lives. Could we have done more to protect her from him? I pray that he is never allowed to do this to another family. “Today, he is finally held accountable for his actions, and he is never allowed to abuse, manipulate or take the life of another woman.”

This article originally appeared in The Sun and has been reproduced here with permission.

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