Rowley buys ‘courthouse clothes’ for leadership legal challenge


File photo: Prime Minister and political leader of the PNM, Dr Keith Rowley.

THE Prime Minister appeared indifferent on Monday evening to the legal action brought by his opponents in the fight for the leadership of the party.

At the meeting of PNM Women in Service Leaders at the University of the Southern Caribbean, Maracas Valley, Dr Rowley said there was no question a court could ask that the PNM was not. unable to answer.

On Monday, former finance minister Karen Nunez-Tesheira, who challenges the party’s leadership, filed a request for an injunction for “breach of contract”. She asks the court to postpone the internal elections for 21 days and hopes that the court will declare that several decisions taken were unconstitutional.

The claim is backed by Dr. Kenneth Butcher and Bishop Victor Phillip. Phillip and Ronald Boynes also challenge Rowley for party leadership.

Legal protesters say the election is a violation of the party’s constitution with a three-day voting schedule starting November 26. Voters will be allowed to vote on November 27 and December 4, the date of the general meeting.

“The decision to change the ‘election day’ election to span a nine-day period is a difficult exercise, especially since no justifiable reason has been presented to the membership for such a change. which is unparalleled anywhere in the Commonwealth or in jurisdictions worldwide that observe and adhere to democratic conventions and practices and respect for the rule of law,” the lawsuit alleges.

Addressing those gathered, Rowley said: ‘Today I went shopping for courthouse clothes. I bought a shirt. These are my courthouse clothes,” he said, adjusting the black and red short-sleeved shirt he was wearing.

“I am convinced that there is no question that the court could ask the MFN that it cannot answer. None! Because we haven’t been office freaks. We were country crazy and people loved people.

Rowley said when looking for leadership, it’s always good to consider the person with many opponents. He said while the party is grateful for the advice given to him by others, at the offer he said “Thank you, but no thank you. We don’t want you.

Rowley also praised the women of the party, those running for various positions in the upcoming elections and others for their role in building the party’s electoral build, both internally and externally. He said the PNM has been a champion of women’s rights since its inception in 1956.

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