“Revolutionary” tips for drying clothes quickly in winter shared by cleaning experts

Cleaning enthusiasts have shared some of their top tips for speeding up the drying process for clothes that have been in the washing machine.

During the winter months, hanging laundry outside is seldom a viable option and therefore usually needs to be dried indoors.

However, this can present its own issues as space can be limited and it can leave your home damp and smelly.

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Like reported by the Daily Express, a worried woman had this specific problem – and took to a Facebook cleanup group for help.

Posting in Ms. Hinch’s cleaning tips and tricks group, she wrote: “May I ask you how you dry all your laundry inside? I use a dryer and hang non-drying items in the hallway on a railing, but put it away due to the presence of many people.

“I would have liked to have a utility space, but I made it a home office. How do you dry your laundry? “

It didn’t take long for the woman’s post to be filled with comments from other users sharing tips on how to dry clothes fast.

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One of them wrote: “Whatever you decide, remember that the humidity has to go somewhere.

“Drying clothes indoors, other than using a dryer, will require a dehumidifier or you will cause all kinds of condensation and humidity problems.

“Opening a window every now and then is not enough, unfortunately I went there. “

Dehumidifiers remove water and moisture from the air, helping to reduce the build-up of mold and dust mites.

Although they can be expensive, they can last for several years.

A second added: “I have had a dehumidifier for years, it also helps to speed up the drying of clothes. “

“Absolutely agree,” rang a third.

Another user explained, “I have very limited radiator space in my house, so I’m going to put some of my drying on a rack and place a dehumidifier right next to it.

“Not only do I no longer worry about mold growth, but it speeds up the drying of clothes, it is a game-changer. “

Some in the group recommended investing in a space-saving dryer.

One of them suggested, “I have a clothes rack hanging from my ceiling in the kitchen and it’s awesome. It’s high so the laundry dries faster, I also plug in a dehumidifier in the winter to help reduce humidity.

Some wash racks adapt to the radiator, creating more space near a heat source for them to dry.

Some Ms Hinch fans have advised others to invest in a heated rack, with a comment, “I have the Aldi heated dryer, it works great, you just need to spin it a few times.

Another added: “I have an electric clothes horse which is really good. It also has shaped bars that fit sneakers.

While some may think they are a lot of energy, heated dryers are much more economical to use than dryers.

They can be purchased from different retailers, all varying in price.

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