Reviews on the Baby Mori Clever sleeping bag

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  • Advantages

    • Ecological
    • Innovative design
    • Luxury fabric

    The inconvenients

    • Expensive but an investment to buy

    The Baby Mori Clever Sleeping Bag is a well-designed sleeping bag that we asked mom and journalist Hollie Bond to test out with her baby girl, Margot.

    The Baby Mori Clever Sleeping Bag is one of the best baby sleeping bags you can buy. It really lives up to its name. It’s a smart design which means it’s extremely versatile and durable. It also solves a lot of your parenting needs for daytime and nighttime sleep. This one arrived in a nice box and was nicely packaged. For this reason, it would make a really gorgeous gift for a new baby.

    Organic cotton is plump and soft to the touch, keeping your baby cute and cuddly. The design is clean and understated. We took a look at the pink shade which was pretty and looked smart and upscale. There are some nifty design features like dual direction zipper, stroller belt opening, adjustable arm openings, and adjustable length, which means this product will grow with your child.

    Credit: Baby Mori


    Made from organic cotton, this sleeping bag comes in subtly sober two-tone colors. Hollie loves the look of the bag: “It’s really soft and luxurious and looks super stylish.” The sleeping bag has adjustable arm openings so you can use it from an early age as long as the baby weighs more than 8-9 pounds. “At 8 months I had Margot in the smallest opening in my arm and it was really easy to do – just two snaps on each side, which stayed closed even when she moved around the bed a lot,” said Hollie.

    However, Hollie said she would have preferred removable sleeves. “In a 2.5 tog winter bag (this bag is also available in 0.5 and 1.5 tog), I like the removable sleeves because I find that Margot’s arms do not stay warm in our chalet. period quite cold and it wakes her sometimes. The bag itself kept her nice and warm so I would definitely recommend it for sleeping in the winter.

    Comfort and functionality

    The quality of this bag is amazing and probably one of the softest sleeping bags you will come across. “Margot has very sensitive skin around her chin and neck,” adds Holliw. “The fact that the bag is made from natural materials is another plus because it won’t irritate his eczema.”

    Another great feature is the adjustable length. The bag looks quite long when you take it out for the first time. This means it will last a good two years, even with quite big kids. However, you don’t want baby swimming in masses of fabric, which is why Hollie likes the simple flap system with snaps. This feature makes it easy to adjust the sleeping baby to make it a shorter length.

    The bag also has a two-way zipper which makes life easier as there is less trial and error to open and close the bag when trying not to disturb a sleeping baby.

    This sleeping bag has a very thoughtful addition: a stroller belt opening so you can have your baby safely in their stroller and really comfy.

    Value for money

    The design is well thought out with all the smart snaps and extra features like the stroller belt openings. Hollie thinks it’s good value for the money. “It would be of interest to readers who appreciate really well-designed and environmentally friendly baby products,” she said. “And parents who are happy to pay a little extra for these features,” she said.

    The price of £ 69.50 can be prohibitive, but due to the length and adjustable arm openings this is the only sleeping bag you need (unless temperatures soar in summer). Besides being luxurious to the touch, you can personalize the bag and it comes in a pretty presentation box, all adding to the feeling that it is a bit special.


    “The environmental credentials and the fact that it is made from natural materials are a major reason to buy this bag because it is better for baby’s skin and the planet.”

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