Renting our clothes is a great return for the planet

He loves going to the shops (mainly because he is aware of the fact that he can treat himself along the way). So with lots of new stores to visit in the St James Center we jumped on 25.

© We don’t wear a lot of our clothes, so why not rent them instead of buying them?, asks Hayley Matthews.

I had a few stores in mind that I wanted to visit and one in particular which only opened a few weeks ago was LK Bennett which used to be the old Boots at Multrees Walk. Everything looks so beautiful and with a few summer events coming up, I was on the hunt for something flowery and pretty. I had been looking at the beautiful dresses on their website for a while, so I couldn’t wait to take a peek inside the real deal – and wow!

As I pulled a few items off the tracks to try them out, that was exactly when my youngest wanted to get out of his buggy and start driving it around the store like a tractor.

Half-naked in a locker room with a three-year-old running around isn’t ideal, but two wonderful women came to the rescue. Gisèle, the manager, and her charming colleague, Mairi, both came to the rescue. They brought a drink and some snacks to keep the little man busy while I tried to fool myself I could squeeze my ankles into the heels.

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While chatting with the very attentive staff, I asked about the LK Borrowed rental subscription that a friend had told me about. My friend is the type of person who is always looking for ways to tackle fast fashion and this seems right up her street. So the bottom line is that you pay for a subscription, borrow items, wear them, return them, and the process repeats itself. So instead of buying a lot of clothes (and let’s face it – most of which we never wear), it seems to me a much more sustainable way to shop for clothes than buying multiple items. I’ve heard of this with handbag and car club memberships, but not so much clothing, so a big shout out to LK Bennett for spearheading a more sustainable fashion industry. I also imagine it prevents fewer items from going to landfill.

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Fashion changes every week and with the Scottish weather I also understand why we have wardrobes full of clothes we never wear. So I’m keen to try a rental subscription where I can try on the season’s trends without any commitment to keep the clothes forever (if you want to keep the rented clothes, you’ll also get a discount).

I see a lot of companies these days becoming more eco-friendly and shifting more to a subscribe and borrow service instead of pushing a quick buy, so maybe that’s the way to go. However, in saying that, there’s still that nice feeling that comes with walking into a store and finding something well-made that you’ll keep forever.

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