Rakhi Sawant responds to Sherlyn Chopra, says her revealing clothes invite sexual predators

Rakhi Sawant: The queen of controversy returned it to Sherlyn Chopra who accused her of garnering false publicity in the media. Referring to Sherlyn Chopra as Merlyn Khopra, Rakhi reiterated again that Sherlyn only finds fame after framing other people with rape charges. While others have movies, songs and reality shows, she has people to blame, Rakhi claimed.

Rakhi Sawant reacts to Sherlyn Chopra

After releasing the teaser for his revenge video, Rakhi released a full-fledged video about Sherlyn Chopra. In her video, Rakhi says that Merlyn Khopra has no job and is regaining her two seconds of fame after leveling one or two fake rape cases a year. She also said, “All artists appear in one or two movies a year; I’m a Bigg Boss superstar and media favorite. But, you’re only famous for rape cases,” she said, impersonating Shelyn further. But it looks like that’s not it. Rakhi warned that she would come back soon with a proper answer.

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What Sherlyn said

Meanwhile, earlier Sherlyn referred to Rakhi as a “nautanki”. “Kya hai ye nautanki? Nonsense!” She further urged Rakhi to join a gym, adding that she just didn’t want to work hard but would be around the media and paparazzi all the time). “Sherlyn also had challenged Rakhi Sawant to have a confrontation with her.

How it all began

Rakhi laughed at her for saying that the Mumbai police were not helping her file a case against Sajid Khan. Sherlyn also said in a new video that her statement about it was recorded by a female officer on October 29 at 8 p.m. She said she was ready to approach the Chief Justice Minister of Maharashtra as well.

Sherlyn Chopra had recently said that the Mumbai police were not helping her to press charges against Sajid KHan. She also said in a new video that her statement was recorded by a female officer, adding that she would also approach the Chief Minister of Maharashtra. Post this, Rakhi had said, “Why would anyone take you (Sherlyn Chopra) seriously when Sajid Khan is not the culprit. Neither are there any witnesses against him, nor has the court punished him. Aren’t you ashamed to accuse others in front of the media while wearing makeup and a saree? Don’t die inside.

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