Produced in Cape Town and slowly saving the world – the cutest clothes you’ll ever wear


In a fast-paced world where fast fashion dominates and hinders sustainable endeavors, locally produced slow fashion is a welcome breath of fresh air.

For those who like to support the locals and consider eco-friendliness the icing on a cop’s cake, N3YH should be on your radar.

A pioneer of the slow fashion movement, the brand has introduced a range combining fashion and sustainability. She recently launched sportswear and loungewear collections made with ethical love and care, locally in Cape Town.

This is the revolution of sustainable slow fashion. N3YH’s products are like hugging and treading on eco-damage toes at the same time while ensuring future longevity.


What is the slow fashion revolution?

The slow fashion revolution can be described as the sister of sustainability. Together, these sister ideas contribute to and ensure a fashion industry that is held accountable for unethically produced clothing. The focus is on making the entire production chain as sustainable as possible – from material sourcing, to fabric manufacturing, to garment manufacturing. All processes employed by outlets must ensure that the fashion industry is productively sustainable.

N3YH founder Tanja Merlo explains the brand’s philosophy: “Our goal is to make sustainability fashionable. Our strong commitment to sustainable and slow fashion is a central pillar of the N3YH brand as we strive to protect our planet by reducing textile waste, water consumption and CO2 emissions with our partner factories, and in general in everything we do.

N3YH’s real specialty is in designer prints. Activewear and loungewear each come in a variety of 5 feminine-inspired floral prints to make it feel like spring even as we leave the warmer seasons behind. With each print, a natural pastel color is associated to add style, but also to balance the outfit. There is guaranteed to be a print or design that every woman will associate with.


About the ranges:

The Activewear range consists of leggings, biker shorts, crop top bra, tank top and jacket. To live up to its sustainability mantra, N3YH produces scrunchies from leftover fabric. The material is eco-friendly as it is made from recycled plastic bottles and other everyday waste. N3YH sportswear is clean, contemporary pieces that are multi-functional but also fashion-forward. Activewear is perfect for active girls as it can easily serve as an outfit for a yoga class and a meeting with colleagues at the same time.


N3YH also offers a loungewear range because why not stay stylish from day to night? The loungewear range consists of a matching pant and top made from the softest organic bamboo fabric which ensures a cool, soft and breathable feel against the skin – giving you the comfort ultimate you deserve after a long day.


As with Activewear, the loungewear range’s mantra is to ensure sustainable production, and the brand has even decided to produce matching baby rompers from cut pieces of fabric. Now you and your little ones can relax in adorable sets and save the world with your sons.

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