Pokémon BDSP: How to Change Clothes and Hairstyles


In Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl, players can purchase clothes and hairstyles from the Metronome-style store in Jubilife City.

In Shiny Diamond & Shiny Pearl Pokémon, players have the option of changing clothes and hairstyles. Additionally, there are several options available to allow players to customize their character when exploring the Sinnoh region. While the game does provide the ability for players to change their character’s hairstyle, it doesn’t work exactly the same as it does in some of the newer games. Pokemon Games.

To unlock the ability to change their look, players must first reach Veilstone City. As the story unfolds in Pokémon Shiny Diamond & Shiny Pearl, this town is home to the third gymnasium leader, Maylene. Veilstone City is also where the Metronome-style shop is located, just south of the town’s Pokémon Center. The Metronome Style Shop, with a purple roof adorned with two Clefairy, is where players can shop for clothes and hairstyles to change up their look.


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Once inside the Metronome style store in Shiny diamond and shiny pearl, players can interact with the NPC character behind the counter. Players will know they have found the right place as the shop has so many clothing options and the NPC behind the counter has brown hair and is wearing an orange shirt. Interacting with the NPC behind the counter will allow players to purchase a new outfit or change their current outfit to a previously purchased outfit. Outfits in Pokémon BDSP The price ranges from 8,500 Pokémon dollars for the Pikachu style to 120,000 Pokémon dollars for the leather jacket style. Additionally, players will have the option to view an outfit on their character before purchasing it.

Pokémon BDSP: Clothing and Hairstyle Options from the Metronome Style Shop

Outfits in Pokémon Shiny Diamond & Shiny Pearl are only available as a complete set. As a result, when a player purchases a new look, they are equipped with a full set of top, bottom, and shoes, including accessories and hairstyles. Accessories can range from hats and scarves to stockings or bags. The clothes and hairstyles available in the Metronome Style Shop differ depending on whether the player has chosen to play as a male or female character. Hairstyles for female players sometimes feature long hair in pigtails or a braided bun. Male players have hairstyle options ranging from tousled short hair to a beanie. Players will not be able to mix and match any clothes, accessories or hairstyles from the available sets.

The styles draw from a variety of inspirations, including Pokémon like Eevee and Gengar. Other outfits are seasonal, so players can dress according to the region they are looking for Pokémon in. There are formal and casual clothing options and punk inspired looks with bright colors and leather jackets. Players who feel inspired by their character dress-up can also do so in real life with Original Stitch clothing featuring Pokémon.

The Platinum Style is a bonus outfit that is not available for purchase from the Metronome Style Store. This winter outfit is only available to players who have purchased either Shiny Diamond Pokémon Where Shining Pearl Pokémon before February 22, 2022. Prior to that date, players can visit Jubilife City TV Station and unlock the Platinum Style outfit with the Mystery Gift.

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Pokémon Shiny Diamond & Shiny Pearl are now available on Nintendo Switch.

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