Pharrell Williams is selling clothes and accessories through a new auction platform – Reuters

Pharrell Williams is selling some of his clothes and accessories from the past 20 years at an online auction.

Singer Happy has launched an online auction platform named Joopiter to sell collections of his 11 luxury goods storage boxes, reports the Financial Times.

The platform’s inaugural collection, Son of a Pharaoh, named after Pharrell’s father, goes live on October 11.

Pharrell told the Financial Times on Thursday why he decided to launch his own platform to sell his items instead of using existing ones.

“I’m not going to sell furniture on StockX,” the singer said. “I’m not going to sell, you know, diamond rings over 20 carats on (The) RealReal.”

He also called the process of cleaning up some of his possessions a “rewarding experience”.

Joopiter’s Instagram gives fans a sneak peek at some items that may be on sale in the near future. These include a multicolored diamond NERD chain made by jeweler Jacob & Co., a golden PlayStation Portable, a multicolored leather jacket with “WOMEN’S RIGHTS” written on the chest and several pairs of Adidas sneakers covered in crystals.

Initially, the site will focus on Pharrell’s possessions, but the founder said it will eventually branch out into other people’s collections.

Elsewhere in the interview, the reporter asked Pharrell if he was working on Rihanna’s ninth album, but the singer declined to answer.

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