Over 70 pairs of school shoes donated

The founder of the charity Proud Fathers, Mandla Hamnca, is used to doing good deeds for the community.

On September 8, Hamnca again handed out 71 pairs of school shoes to students at AB Phokompe Secondary School and Matlapaneng Primary School.

They received 36 and 35 pairs of school shoes respectively, for male and female learners.

Speaking to the Herald, Hamnca said the shoes were donated to the organization by local businessman Godfrey Diale of Diale Funerals, known as The Godfather.

We have a good working relationship with Diale and he often offers a helping hand in some of our initiatives, especially with donations. Our Headmaster Sampie Nkwe’s birthday was approaching and Diale asked what he would like to be endowed with, and we responded by asking for a donation of school shoes.

“We knew these school shoes had the potential to change lives and maybe change the overall experience of going to school for some of the learners,” said Hamnca, who added that they were happy to award the shoes to the most deserving learners. two schools.

He said the recipients were also thrilled and grateful to Diale, who made the donations.

Proud Fathers Founder, Mandla Hamnca, and Organization Director, Sampie Nkwe, help students at Matlapaneng Primary School try on their new school shoes.
Proud Fathers Founder Mandla Hamnca and Foundation Director Sampie Nkwe were delighted to donate the school shoes to those in need.

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