Oopsie, bad bag: Long Island woman stopped at JFK packing 400 balls

Bullets on the Belt Parkway? A Long Island woman said she accidentally grabbed the wrong bag and ended up trying to carry 400 rounds of ammunition on a flight to JFK airport, authorities said.

The various cartridges — 12-gauge, .308-gauge, .223-gauge and 9mm — were packaged in nine boxes and included shotgun and handgun ammunition, TSA spokeswoman Lisa Farbstein said.

Transportation Security Administration officers arrested the Hicksville woman and notified Port Authority police, who confiscated the ammunition and gave her a summons.

The unidentified woman allegedly told them that she mistakenly grabbed her son’s bag when she left for the airport.

Farbstein noted, however, that the amount of ammunition “carries quite a bit of weight” and that nine boxes “take up a significant amount of space in a carry-on”.

“This is a great opportunity to remind travelers that it’s always best to start with a completely empty bag when packing for a flight to ensure you don’t have any prohibited items inside” , said John Bambury, director of federal security at the TSA for John. F. Kennedy International Airport in Queens.

“Not only is it important to know that you haven’t put anything prohibited or illegal in your luggage,” Bambury said. “Knowing which bag is yours is just as important to make sure you know what’s inside.”

This woman now faces a fine for bringing ammunition to a security checkpoint, Farbstein said.

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